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Generator controller

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Generator controller

A,Generator controllerThe development history

Generator set control automation, has experienced the relay control, PLC (programmable logic controller) control and intelligent control three stages, starting at the end of the last century gradually controlled by microcomputer and electronic components of intelligent controller, will be very complex peripheral circuit integration in a module, greatly simplifies the control circuit, reliability has been improved, now the controller designed tend to be more intelligent, more human, there are also some generator manufacturers in the production of small gasoline engine all-in-one, practical and convenient.

Second, the structure of the diesel generator set

Diesel generating sets generally consists of three parts: engine, generator and controllers.Power of engine, the engine's mechanical energy into electric energy by generators, the controller is part of the brain that generator set, not only provide the engine starting, stopping, data measuring, data display and fault protection function, but also provide the generator power measurement, display and battery protection function.

Three, the types of generator controller

Current type intelligent controller can be broadly divided into simple protection (i.e. only provides start-up, shut-down and high temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed protection, do not provide power, according to the control panel is needed to install water thermometer, the oil pressure gauge, hour meter, battery voltmeter, ac voltmeter, ac current meter and other instrument), standard (provide power display, protection function, without communication interface), high-grade model (in addition to providing standard function, but also can provide communication interface, for remote control, remote sensing, remote communication function, some also have a network interface, can be monitored through the Internet, and some have text function, is suitable for remote areas of unattended engine room).

Four, diesel generating sets of commissioning inspection steps

Diesel generating set is when the choose and buy, the customer most concerned or generating set prices, generating set according to the points, there are many kinds of brand, and different power of the diesel engine generator set price is different also, diesel generator set manufacturer how to introduce diesel generating sets the price for you to compare.

Ask, ask old purchase time, use of diesel engine and the reason of the sale now, ask about the repair of the past, change what major components, asking what's the problem in use, in order to understanding of the old diesel engine has a more comprehensive system.

Second, look at the old diesel signs and appearance.Look at is which factory production, when leaving the factory, how long is it;The appearance of the paint is peeling, department whether defects, machine is to be eliminated, etc.From the sign to distinguish old diesel engine condition and appearance.

Three test for commissioning.Crankshaft, flipping the flywheel, starting by rocking-turn machine, etc., for a more careful check the old diesel engine.Commissioning is a very important step, the specific check steps are as follows:

I. rocking-turn crankshaft to supply oil nozzle.Such as nozzle crisp sound, nozzle and plunger vice performance is good;Such as wheel indoor no "wow" the abnormal noise, then gear wear and tear is not serious.

2. Pull (flywheel, without noise, illustrate the crankshaft spindle between stem and bearing clearance is not big.

3. Pull to turn the flywheel, the piston is close to the check points, and then move the flywheel, if no "clicking" sound, the abrasion between the connecting rod shaft stem and tile not serious.

4. Make the cylinder pressure, turn the crankshaft, when remove the stress, such as piston of rebound, flywheel rapidly rotating, cylinder, piston, piston ring wear small.When the rocking-turn crankshaft, engine oil pressure gauge pointer should be red mark not less than 1 or the oil batch rises quickly and under pressure should be easy.

5. Start the machine.Such as easy to start, smoke colorless or light gray, speed stability without noise, that old diesel engine technology condition is good.

Remark: diesel generating sets of test process, all the best in the diesel generator controller for operation and monitoring the variations of air pressure, oil pressure, etc.Therefore, the stability of the quality of diesel generator controller, is very tall to the requirement of design humanization, etc, on the market with more kaixun industrial company is A Hong Kong GU63 I A controller.This kind of controller, the market highly!

Five, how to choose and buy diesel generator set

Enterprise when diesel generating sets of choose and buy, should pay attention to what issues?Diesel generating set is widely used in telecommunications, financial department, hospital, school, business and other departments, industrial and mining enterprises and other special purposes of independent power supply.Enterprises in the choose and buy diesel generator set have their own standards.

1, the quality and performance of diesel generating sets of choose and buy must conform to the requirements of the relevant standards

Communication diesel generating sets of choose and buy, must achieve GB2820 G4-1997 grade G3 or the requirements of the class, and at the same time, the communication network access of diesel generating sets of quality certification testing out detailed rules for the implementation of "regulations of 24 performance requirements, at the same time to pass the Chinese industry established by the competent department of communication power supply equipment quality supervision and inspection center strict inspection.

Military communication diesel generating sets of choose and buy, must achieve the GB2820-1997, GJB standards and forces to relevant departments to formulate the rules of communication power supply equipment quality inspection standard, and by the organization department of equipment quality strict inspection.

2, diesel generating sets of choose and buy should consider the main factors

Diesel generating sets of choose and buy should consider the factors mainly include mechanical and electrical properties, the purpose of the unit, load capacity and the change of scope, automation, etc.

(1) the purpose of the diesel generating set.Due to the diesel generator set can be used on three kinds of commonly used, standby and emergency situations.Therefore different USES is different to the requirement of diesel generator set.

(2) diesel generator set load capacity.Should choose according to different purposes of load capacity and load range, determine the diesel generating set of machine capacity and standby diesel generator set capacity.

(3) the use of the diesel generator set environmental conditions (mainly refers to the altitude and climate conditions)

(4) the choice of diesel generator set

(5) diesel generating sets of choose and buy should pay attention to the generator and excitation mode

(6) automation function of diesel generator set

Six, three major brands generator controller

I, the deep sea DSE arithmetic

2, kaixun Ilarsen in Hong Kong

Kaixun industrial co., LTD is a hong kong-owned enterprises.Since it was founded in 1997, has been engaged in low-voltage electrical products and generating sets products in China (including Hong Kong, Macao SAR) sales and promotion, for the manufacturers and customers build good Bridges.

3, the GAC

Note: the commonly used car and, of course, is the deep sea DSE arithmetic and the United States the application of AGC, diesel engine controller, Hong Kong kaixun larsen, do I also is very good.

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