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single-chipThe controller

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A single-chipThe controllerBy the inverter power supply board, the motherboard, I/O circuit board, test plate and relay board of five parts.
1 inverter power supply board.Inverter power supply board will l2V starter battery power transformation for l2V and 5 v power supply independently, peripheral detection unit and host unit power supply respectively.
2 testing circuit board.Detection plate used in the host system peripheral signal detection, transform to host provides eight mouth of the input signal.
(1) for detecting mains, inverter power supply automatic input signal.
(2) the starter motor gear and flywheel ring gear meshing state judgment signal automatically.
(3) diesel engine speed signal during operation.
(4) head fault detection signal.
(5) the generator voltage detection and abnormal signal.
6. Diesel engine oil low pressure alarm signal.
All landowners diesel engine cooling water temperature too high alarm signal.
Today generator over current and short circuit alarm signal.
3 I/O circuit board.I/O circuit board is light coupling and drive unit circuit, it provides the peripheral signal light coupling between the host and the output of the interface and the host and peripheral drive unit of light coupling interface.
  4 the host circuit board.The controller of the host adopt MCS a 48 single chip microcomputer system, which is 8035 single chip microcomputer.It is composed of an 8-bit CPU (central processing unit) and the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), accumulator, carry signs and instruction decoder of four parts.It has 64 * 8 words random access internal data of RAM memory;With three groups of eight channels, can be used as the input, output, or two-way channel, there are three test input, namely a total of 27 I/O thread, but it has no internal memory, the program can be easily connected to the external program memory according to need;It has 96 instructions, 70% for single-byte, not only the use of flexible, and full functions.

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