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Generator regulator

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Generator regulator

First, the action of voltage regulator

Ac generator must be equipped with Voltage regulator Cooperate with the work.This is because the alternator in structure and under the constant magnetic field intensity, the size of the output voltage proportional to the speed of the generator, the generator by a drive, the speed is determined by the engine speed.Normal operation, the engine speed range is very large, it will has a great influence on the size of the generator output voltage, in order to make the generator voltage under different rotational speed can maintain, and can automatically along with the change of the generator speed adjustment, to keep voltage value in a certain range, voltage regulator must be device.And it's normal work, to guarantee the wholeThe normal work of the electrical system and to extendThe service life of electrical equipment relationship is great, the output voltage (or charging voltage) had a great influence on the service life of the battery also.

Second, the mechanical structure and working principle of touch point voltage regulator

In the process of running, the engine speed range is very large, because of the generator and engine transmission ratio is fixed, so the speed of the generator will change along with the change of engine speed, generator terminal voltage will vary with the rotational speed of engine and changes in large scope.Generator to the battery for electric power equipment and require its voltage stability, so the output voltage of generator must be regulated, to remain in a numerical basically remain unchanged.

As a result of the generator output voltage U = Cn phi, for a generator, the c is constant.In the process of work, the speed n is constantly changing, to keep the generator terminal voltage constant, can be adjusted by changing the size of the magnetic flux phi, and the size of the magnetic flux change is determined by the exciting current.When the generator speed n increased, therefore, can reduce the field current magnetic flux decreases, and the right to use the generator output voltage unchanged;Conversely, when the generator speed reduced, increasing the excitation current, so the function of the voltage regulator is in the generator speed changes, automatically change the size of the excitation current, make the generator output voltage remains the same.

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