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The use of alternator and regulator to note

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The use of alternator and regulator to note:

Ac generator and regulator Simple structure, convenient maintenance, if used correctly, not only have few breakdowns and long service life.If use undeserved, can quickly damage.So in the use and maintenance should be paid attention to the following:

1. Battery polarity must be negative by iron, can not meet the.Otherwise, will blow out the generator or regulator electronic components;

2. To secure connection of the generator and battery, such as sudden disconnect, will generate overvoltage damage generator or regulator electronic components;

3. A generator, cannot check whether generator power generation with the method of the fire test, otherwise it will burn out rectifier diode;

4. Once you find malfunction with the alternator or regulator, shall promptly repair and troubleshooting in time, otherwise it will cause a greater failure or battery losing electricity, the car can't drive;

5. For ac generator with regulator, alternator voltage grade must be the same as the regulator voltage grade, the alternator take iron type must be the same as the regulator by iron type, power regulator shall not be less than the power of the generator, otherwise the system doesn't work;

6. Wiring must be correct, the installation position and the connection mode of various models regulator each are not identical, therefore, be especially careful when wiring.

Regulator must be controlled by the ignition switch, generator stop running, the ignition switch should be disconnected, or you will make the magnetic field generator circuit has been connected state, not only will burn out field coil, and will cause battery lost electricity;

8. When you find malfunction with the generator or regulator need to be removed from the car maintenance, first turn off the ignition switches and all electrical equipment, remove the battery negative cable, then remove the wire connector on the generator.

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