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Diesel generator governor classification is introduced

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Diesel generator governor classification is introduced

Diesel engine governor according to the principle of work can be divided into mechanical centrifugal governor, pneumatic governor, hydraulic governor and electronic governor four.

1, mechanical centrifugal governor.All the working principle of mechanical governor is roughly same, they have been driven rotating crankshaft fly hammer (or ball), when the rotation speed change fly hammer also along with the change of centrifugal force, and then use the centrifugalThe action of forces, with some bar to adjust the engine oil, oil and the load size, so as to maintain the engine speed.

On the small and medium-sized power diesel engine, is the most widely used mechanical centrifugal governor.

Mechanical centrifugal governor has horizontal and vertical two kinds, main component is blunt plate, iron, governing spring, adjusting screw and drive rod, etc.Flying speed when rating, centrifugal force and tension of the governor spring balance of iron.When high speedWhen rating. Flying iron centrifugal force increases more than the spring tension, make flying iron open drive lever to reduce the gas, diesel engine automatically restore the rated speed.On the contrary, when the speed is lower than the rating, flying iron inward, drive rod increases the accelerator, make the diesel engine.Mechanical centrifugal governor structure is simple, maintenance is more convenient, but poor sensitivity and regulating characteristics.

2, pneumatic governor.Pneumatic pneumatic components such as governor of sensing elements with diaphragm to sensing the change of the intake pipe pressure, in order to adjust the engine speed.

3, hydraulic governor.Hydraulic governor is to use iron of the centrifugal effect to control a pilot valve, again by pilot valve control the flow of pressure oil, adjusting mechanism can be driven by oil pressure increase/decrease the throttle, complete the automatic speed regulationThe purpose of.

Hydraulic governor has the advantage of large output torque, speed characteristics and sensitivity is better than mechanical centrifugal governor, the disadvantage is that knotStructure is relatively complex, the maintenance technology level the demand is higher.

4,Electronic governor.Electronic governor is a more advanced in recent years, research on application of governor, its sensing elements and actuators are mainly the use of electronic components, acceptable speed signal and power signal, through the electronic circuit of the pointsAnalysis comparison, the output control signal to adjust the throttle.

Electronic governor speed with high precision, sensitivity is high, the main drawback is that need to be working power supply, and demand of electronic componentsHas the very high reliability.

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