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LIXISE brand generator controller based on USB interface plu

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If the generator as a person, then the generator controller core generator is undoubtedly the brain, just as social progress, people are progressive, that same generator controller can be increasingly automated, more intelligent development .

Since the controller as a generator core need "outside" contact, such as the need to connect with the PC side, we need an interface docking, conventional controllers when configuring the controller is connected to a DC power source and a variety of complex special Interface, very complex problems. Based on this consideration, we LIXISE full range of controllers using USB interface technology, plug and play, convenient and quick. After the controller is connected to the computer using USB, you can work to take power from the computer, do not need additional power connection, no need to install drivers, truly plug and play, you can configure and manage, a great convenience to users. LIXISE brand controller also has a RS485 communication interface, use MODBUS protocol can achieve "three remote" feature, truly automated, intelligent generator controller.

The figure is the contrast with the traditional USB interface controller controller:

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