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LXC6110 generator controller panel with silicone paste

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LXC6110 generator controller panel with silicone paste, more sophisticated atmosphere and environmentally friendly!

Silica gel (Silica gel; Silica) Alias: Silicone rubber is a highly active adsorption material, are amorphous substance, its chemical formula SiO2 · nH2O, has a high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength. The panel is a high-quality silica gel thin-layer chromatography on silica gel as a raw material, silica gel TLC plates, silica gel high performance thin layer chromatography plate which is made from high quality thin layer chromatography on silica gel formulation suitable adhesive spread on a glass substrate on together, the provisions of the pore volume, surface area and pore size distribution. Silica gel plates on the market by the extrusion molding process is divided into two silicone and molded silicone plate.


PC is the abbreviation intoxicated polycarbonate, polycarbonate Cool English is Polycarbonate, referred to as PC engineering plastics. PC with insulation, elongation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, but also has self-extinguishing, heat resistant, non-toxic, coloring, etc.. Large-scale industrial production and processing characteristics also make it easy to extremely low prices. But as the controller panel overlay material, it is not the best.


Due to the unique characteristics and advantages of silicone, the generator controller is widely used to make panels with tie on, but the market still has a lot of manufacturers in order to save costs, but also by using the PC panels affixed.We LXC6110 generator controller is the use of silicone panel stickers, feel better, high temperature, fire resistance, oxidation, long service life, the appearance of a full high-end atmosphere. The key is to stick silicone panel than the PC panels affixed to more environmentally friendly, silicone panel now has been recognized as the best quote generator control panel overlay.

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