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LXC6110 controller 240*128 large-size LCD screen

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LXC6110 controller 240 * 128 large-size LCD screen 

With the increasingly rapid development of science and technology, the most outstanding of the century invention - computer is constantly forward progress. From the initial screen CRT monitor (CRT spherical, flat rectangular CRT), flat screen monitors to today's large-screen LED LCD display (plasma displays, electroluminescent displays, light emitting polymer display). Also varies, many electronic products with this changes progress.


Generator controller is also a display with the pace of development is also progress. Display controller is critical, because the role of the controller display like human eyes in general, but also the media people and machines, so that the good must not be separated from good display controller .

Our LXC6110 generator controller is the use of 240 * 128 large-size LCD screen, the visual sense experience stronger than the general market controller display larger and more beautiful, very atmospheric, and a clear user interface and easy operation. LED backlight display and ultra high, no electricity placed on the environment, the display clearly visible decided. Also greatly facilitate the users.

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