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LIXISE brand generator voltage regulator board imported high

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LIXISE brand generator voltage regulator board imported high-precision glass glaze resistance adjustment

We buy a surge plates (AVR), the most important indicator to judge good or bad it is to look at its material, which is particularly important and is the "resistor" material, but many types of resistors, quality, performance, price varies, selection of different resistor has a direct impact on the generator voltage regulator board performance and quality.


Currently generator regulator board using resistors are generally glass glaze resistors, and some businesses may use a relatively inexpensive cost of an ordinary resistor (carbon resistance, color ring resistors, etc.) or RX-type wire wound resistors. Glass glaze film resistors have the most accurate result, good high-frequency characteristics and temperature characteristics, particularly suitable for use on the AVR. Of course, there are good and bad glass glaze resistance points, made of glass glaze resistance did not import glass glaze resistance is good. Also really hope that the "Made in China" to become synonymous with high quality.


Lixise brand generator regulator plate glass glaze film resistors are imported, with the highest precision, high frequency and temperature characteristics, while small inductors and difficult to burn, to ensure the quality of the regulator board.Glass glaze film resistors in the industry is known to be used to produce the best generator AVR resistance material.

• LIXISE - SX460 generator regulator board

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