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EA16 generator AVR to put on the cloak of imported glue AB -

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EA16 generator AVR to put on the cloak of imported glue AB - waterproof fire and moisture

Generators due to diverse environments, there is room, there is outdoors, and some will be used in humid rainforest climate, some will be used on dry incomparable desert, and even some snow on the glacier will be used, there are some for many years at sea, such as with the use of many special outdoor environment. Due to environmental temperature and humidity are not the same. LIXISE regulator board in the design we will take into account a variety of factors. Fully prepared protection measures. Requires generators environment , please refer to the original.


To LIXISE  EA16 generator regulator board as an example (see below). EA16 surge plates imported AB glue package. The product of all electronic components closure device, do not let it contact with the outside factors play a waterproof, fire, dust, moisture and other features, and greatly extend the life of the product. Also great for the user to save the cost.



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