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Genset a stable environment requirements and conditions

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Any products, especially electronic and mechanical products, the use of the environment has certain requirements and conditions with our generator generator accessories products, in a different environment, will produce a variety of effects on the product. To get the generator set can be a good use of different series generator set is not the same environment, if you want to make turbines stability, we must understand the following apply these environments.


135 series, 190 series diesel generator sets, for example, under the following conditions can output rated power, and can work 12 hours (including a 10% overload conditions at work one hour) continuous rated power conditions.

(1) ambient atmospheric pressure 100kPa;

(2) Ambient temperature 25 ℃;

(3) the relative humidity of 30%.

If the environmental conditions do not meet the above requirements, the unit rated power output corrected by the correction method diesel.

Diesel generator sets to work reliably under the following conditions:

(1) The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

(2) Ambient temperature 5-40 ℃, automated unit without oil, water preheating device requires an ambient temperature of 25-40 ℃;

(3) air relative humidity less than 90% (the average minimum temperature is 25 ℃).

Desert diesel generator set under the following conditions can output rated power, rated manner and are able to work continuously 12 hours (including a 10% overload conditions of work one hour).

(1) Altitude 1000m;

(2) Ambient temperature 55 ℃;

(3) the relative humidity of 30%.

Ship diesel generator sets in the following environments can work reliably:

(1) ambient air temperature 50 ℃;

(2) sea temperature -2-32 ℃;

(3) ambient atmospheric pressure 100kPa;

(4) Relative humidity 95%. Environment allows the existence of salt spray, mist, mold, and are subject to shock and vibration effects.

(5) exhaust backpressure 5kPa (peak fluctuations 10kPa);

(6) roll ± 45 ° (cycles 3-4 seconds);

(7) heeling ± 15 °;

(8) vertical tilt ± 10 ° (4-10 second period);

(9) pitching ± 5 °.

Maximum output power diesel generators shall not exceed 10% of the nameplate power.

When the diesel generator set more than 12 hours of continuous operation, the output power should be 90% of rated power.

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