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LXC6110 generator controller's SMS and DTU realize RMON

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LXC6110 generator controller is also an important feature is the SMS function. Some users may not know "what is SMS function?" Here we introduce in detail:

SMS is called "Short Messaging Service". Is a messaging service, SMS is a store-and-forward service. In other words, the short message is not sent directly from sender to recipient, but always forwarded through SMS service center. If the recipient is not connected state (probably the phone is turned off), the message will be sent when the recipient to connect again. SMS function is applied to SMS banking, securities class messaging, text messaging retail industry, power industry applications, the Internet has also been widely used, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and other large networks have realized the SMS function.


LXC6110 generator controller with SMS function, you can automatically send an alarm message to five phone numbers set the alarm when the generator set, you can also control the turbine generator set and access status via SMS. With advanced Internet capabilities, via GRPS mobile network and Internet connectivity, just installed a GPRS DTU: LXI680 wireless data collection, will be able to place any network can be remotely monitored. It is real-time detection room temperature, battery voltage location information, real-time reporting units, especially for generator rental industry; connect capacitive oil level sensor, easy to accurately measure the amount of oil, intelligent fuel management: oil spills, stealing oil, fuel and so on. Meanwhile accurate send important messages to managers.

LXC6110 controller is applied to a base station for remote monitoring system consisting diagram:


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