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LIXISE brand LXC706 controller mini size, high cost - Return

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    LXC706 genset controller has a prominent feature is the ultra-small size of delicate , exquisite appearance , suitable for small generators , especially for small gasoline intelligent control unit . But it can also be used for a variety of large generators, only need to add a relay can be achieved. Cost is also high , compared to the generally large size , the price much cheaper . Generator controller can be said that the "king ."


    Likewise, it also has many advantages , such as: green backlight , day and night, the generator parameters are clearly visible ; equipped with shock apron, waterproof and shockproof to achieve the panel ; LCD icon display alarm, the alarm message is simple and clear ; various generator parameters LCD digital display ; PC panels affixed durable, waterproof ; start-stop button operation panel , easy generators , thus reducing wiring ; can be set and monitored via a USB connection computers ; install assembly : Flame retardant ABS housing , pluggable terminals, embedded installation , compact, easy to install. Wide voltage input (8 ~ 35) VDC, able to adapt to different starting battery voltage environments and so on. Generator controller called the king really is not an exaggeration.


     LXC706 generator controller from raw materials to production to finished product , you need to carry too heavy quality department checks on the production and processing needs through simulation testing, high and low temperature testing, aging testing, environmental testing, stability testing. After one thousand one hundred practicing really hammer , tempered into a steel , controller of the king is so excel .

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