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LIXISE brand surge plates (AVR) imported from Germany EPCOS

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I wrote an article in front of " LIXISE brand generator regulator plate imported high-precision glass glaze resistance adjustment , "the article mentions surge plates judge good or bad, the key is to look at the material. "Capacitor" as generator regulator plate important components plays a stable voltage, filtering, decoupling, bypass the important role of energy storage and so on. So bad capacitor materials will directly affect the quality of the regulator board, as well as price.

    LIXISE brand is committed to building the world's most reliable AVR voltage regulator board, requirements and strict in the selection, basically all the components are choosing world brands such as Phoenix (PHOENIX), National Semiconductor (NS), Texas Instruments (TI), Omron (OMRON), etc., and Avnet (AVNET), Arrow (ARROW), EPCOS (EPCOS), etc., first in the material greatly ensure the reliability of the product.

Also plays a vital part in regulating capacitor plate, we are using imported German EPCOS capacitor. EPCOS capacitor is owned by Germany's Siemens in the world ranking is second. Fully guarantee the quality of the regulator board. Of course, the capacitor may be divided into three colors, red, blue, and gray. Three different colors of capacitor quality and the price is a little different. Red capacitor as an early product, is considered the best of the public, but also the most expensive; blue late product, quality is also good; gray is the company's recently introduced new products, price and quality with respect to the earlier surge plates have Further advantages.

Below is LIXISE brand SX460 generator regulator plate capacitor 

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