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LIXISE brand LXC6110 controller and diesel generators used i

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LIXISE brand LXC6110 controller and diesel generators used in the plateau region

Diesel generators use different situations in the plateau region and the plains, to bring some changes in the diesel generator performance and use, the following points in the plateau region for user reference diesel, while cited the case of an application for reference.

1) Due to the low air pressure at high altitude, thin air, oxygen-containing small components, especially for naturally aspirated diesel engines, due to lack of gas into the combustion conditions deteriorate, the diesel can not issue the original provisions of rated power. Even the same basic structure of diesel generators, but each different type of diesel engine rated power, and therefore the ability of the plateau they are not the same. For example, 6135Q-1 diesel engine, rated power is 161.8kW/2200r/min, due to the calibration of power, the performance margin is small, every increase in the use of high altitude 1000m, power was reduced by approximately 12%, so the Long-term use should be based on local plateau height above sea level, appropriate to reduce the amount of oil. The 6135K-11 diesel engine, although the same combustion process, but the rated power is only 117.7kW/2200r/min, so it has enough margin performance, this engine itself has the ability to work a certain plateau.

Taking into account the tendency of the conditions in the highlands ignition delay, in order to improve the economy of the diesel engine is running, the general recommendation naturally aspirated diesel engine fuel supply advance angle should be sufficiently in advance.

As the altitude increases, the power is reduced, the exhaust temperature rises, so users should also consider the selection of diesel engine plateau ability to work, and strictly avoid overloaded.

According to recent tests show, for diesel engines used in the plateau region, the method can be used as an exhaust gas turbocharger plateau power compensation. Not only can compensate for the lack of power through the plateau exhaust gas turbocharger, but also improve the color of smoke, restore power performance and lower fuel consumption.

2) As the altitude increases, the ambient temperature has to be lower than the plain areas, generally increased by 1000m, ambient temperature drops to about about 0.6 ℃, plus due to the plateau thin air, therefore, the diesel engine starting performance than the plain areas poor. Users when used, should be taken with cold starting the corresponding auxiliary starter measures.

3) Since the altitude increases, the lower the boiling point of water, while the cooling air pressure is reduced and the cooling air mass and increase the heat in the kilowatt per unit time, and therefore the cooling system, cooling conditions worse than in the plains. Generally should not be used in high-altitude areas open cooling cycle, closed cooling system can be pressurized to increase when the coolant boiling point plateau.


Pamirs known as "Sky," said. Located in the Pamirs a border with ravine, two more than 5000 meters above sea level near the mountain the company firmly in the middle, so that the sun became a special location where the "occasional visitors", the soldiers even have to catch the sun drying the quilt. Shorter days and longer nights last company to rely on diesel power generation twenty-three hours lighting, watching TV news, hit the engine fails, the officers had a candle lighting. To solve the company "hard power" issue, in March of this year, the Xinjiang Military hundred million initial investment to build the Pamirs border with the foundation's first hydroelectric power station on the border of a group and to raise funds for the company to further improve the various types of facilities to ensure that the power plant into operation on schedule.

Below is LIXISE brand LXC6110 controller into the Pamirs a border with the resident generator room.

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