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LIXISE ESC6500 closed-loop PID electronic governor

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ESC6500 governor is a closed-loop PID electronic governor, with overspeed protection, PT pump drive, two hunting compensation function, so they can fit a wider range of engines, with the regulation easier, better performance, security, reliability . Here we explain to you what is "closed" and what is "PID controller."

Also known as closed-loop feedback control system, the output signal of the reference signal and the object (measurement obtained by measuring the transmission member) to obtain a comparison error signal, the error signal is then generated through the controller and the actuator control amount applied to the controlled object. The difference between closed-loop and open-loop controlled object is to determine whether the input signal to its output relationship, open loop is usually given first reference signal, and then through the controller and actuator are directly applied to control the amount of the controlled object.

PID (Packet Identifier) governor: proportionally deviation, integral and differential control of the regulator is called PID regulator, is currently the technology is mature, the most widely used of a regulator. Simple structure, easy to adjust parameters in the long-term use has accumulated a wealth of experience. PID governor divided into analog and digital PID controller PID control algorithm. LIXISE brand ESC6500 generator electronic governor is the use of digital PID control algorithm can achieve good control quality, good steady speed, diesel generators can be completely solved the problem becomes nonlinear gain, is particularly suitable for ship generators .

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