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Interpretation of Singapore LIXISE intelligent generator con

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Interpretation of Singapore LIXISE intelligent generator controller user-friendly design - all the details of the decision


With the rapid development of technology, electronic technology products are increasingly seeking user-friendly design, when it comes to user-friendly design, I have to mention the Apple iPhone.

January 9, 2007, the first generation of Apple's stunning debut; apples intelligent people into the global era, the 21st century has created a new myth. For the huge success of Apple's iPhone in the global market made, revolutionary innovation naturally bear the brunt. If all of its course as Apple's, but inevitably some generalized. Fine-to-pixel icon design, leading technology in the era of product material, product details Steve Jobs similar to paranoid pursuing the same can not be ignored. Apple's success is not difficult to find the real secret is the "humanization design details."

Whether Renaissance artists, or is modern architects, aerospace designers, or business leaders, all on the "details" as a life, it is their right, "detail" shackles pursuit of creating a great work and miracle. We, as intelligent generator industry which can derive inspiration. I have to LXC6110 generator controller , for example, carefully reading Singapore LIXISE intelligent generator controller humanized detail design.

Intelligent Process Management:

When parked in the waiting process, such as a generator has been detected in a parked, will advance into standby, while other brands have no such process management controllers intelligent and humane design.

Convenient on-site commissioning:

In the process of entering the settings menu only need to enter a password, you can enter the settings again within 10 seconds do not have to enter; through the computer software does not have to enter a password to enter the settings again within 30 minutes. Avoid the need for frequent site commissioning due to the inconvenience of a password.

Real-time display a warning message:

When multiple warnings or failure, will turn a warning message appears in line, readily accessible and maintenance management.

Full-touch buttons:

Omni-directional button design makes set-up and normal operation can be completely separated to avoid running down the unit in the setting of a miss. Silicone keypad, touch switches, touch a clear, sensitive and durable.

Humane flip design:

Auto flip, time can be set.

Helpful tips:

When the PC is set programmable input and output, will appear in the right of a help prompt window interface, user-friendly configuration of a more detailed understanding of the content.

Graphical real-time monitoring:

PC graphics available in real-time monitoring of various parameters, and can be recorded and played back.

Summary: the product of human design not only from the shape, color, material, function, name, etc. considerations need from people's behavior, physiology structure, emotional, psychological, ways of thinking, as well as regional and cultural differences and other considerations, the real design the ergonomic products. Through the user-friendly design is the core of the "details", famously called "details determine success or failure," the way in product innovation, more and paste language phrase perfectly humane design details that is actually the accumulation of innovation. We will uphold the gurus LIXISE footsteps move forward step by step, the humanized detail design as our lives continue.

Master saying:

"In the realm of art, the detail is God." - Italian Renaissance artists Michelangelo.

"The devil is in the details." - International architect Mies van der Rohe.

"The future competitiveness of enterprises, is the competition details." - Commercial Pope Bruno Dici.

"The difference between leaders and follow the trend lies in innovation." - The late Apple co-founder and former CEO, "guru" Steve Jobs.

"It's hard to say what is impossible to do, because yesterday's dreams can turn into hope today can become tomorrow's reality." - Rocket scientist, the first ever liquid rocket launch, Goddard.

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