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Generator controller controller measures common cause

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      Dongguan Tuancheng network in low voltage line power conditions, the illumination of the user's phase and neutral wire clamp in the detector jaw, power users can be the three phase and neutral wire clamp in the jaw ( to reduce the measurement error, power users of three phase line and the neutral line best tightly gathered together after clamp into ), if the detector has a current indicator, it proves that the user has the leakage trouble Cummings accessories electrical safety regulation rules of rural electric power users necessary device contact prevention, leakage current action protector is left, and do the maintenance work. This rule is helpful for low voltage power net complete grading maintenance, improve the rural power supply reliability.

       The equipment is normal when energized, the equipment power line with the detector jaw ( maintenance of equipment grounding wire can not be together with power line clamping jaw ), if the detector has a current indicator, it proves that the equipment leakage fault; if the tester without current indicator, proved that the equipment without leakage fault.

       Diesel generator test leakage fault time matters needing attention

      General maintenance device itself selected electronic components quality, aging, functional instability or maintenance of internal and external signal detection circuit or discharge circuit problems, namely the current move left total maintenance device itself causes total maintenance measures.

     Protected line single-phase attack leakage ( single-phase instantaneous grounding, permanent ground or ground ).

     Protected line neutral line (N line ) episodes of leakage.

     Multiplex power neutral line mix.

     400V line hanging high, low voltage transmission line ( namely the rural low voltage power network transmission line and the same pole bridge ). " Three lines" of the same bar set up, power lines attached to serious situation is the power enterprises are facing a " long-standing" problem generator controller investigation resulted in total maintenance measures.

      Will has admitted the leakage phase piercing into the molten heart, the other two phase fuse and wire neutral line are disconnected, and the recognition phase electric leakage

      Detection circuit for neutral mixed point only three will be the line fuse is disconnected, the neutral line must not be disconnected, detecting steps check with the measuring line neutral line leakage problems (i.e., repeated episodes of grounding point approach. ). The situation in the rural low voltage power network is not common.

      Function, function complete, convenient operation safety is reliable in quality test instrument.

      Find the leakage problems, must strictly abide by the " rural low-voltage electrical safe work practices ", necessary in people care and all safety measures under the premise of.

      Find the leakage problems, in reading the detector data, we must adhere to the human body and the live parts to meet the safety distance, can not read, can use detecting instrument memory function namely table-head lock.

      Find the leakage problems, will find the wire needs short time to electricity.

     Discrimination is a maintenance device itself is maintenance of the line fault

     Discrimination is caused by the maintenance line phase remains neutral.

     Neutral wire fault identification is a genus of repetitive ground remains neutral line mix multiple power supplies

     Judging whether because of transmission line effect

     Detection of fault location

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