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How to ensure the reliability of the product LIXISE brand

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LIXISE brands to ensure product quality reliability mainly from raw materials, production process, temperature stability, wide working temperature range and the routing management five aspects to ensure the product quality and reliability. Now we will from these aspects detailed introduce for everybody!

1, raw material

Industry is known to all, more than 60% of the production failure is caused by invalidation. More than 70% of the causes of repair, but also for product components failure cause. While most companies didn't this have no systematic electronic reliability engineering solutions. Lead to poor product quality reliability. Impact for many reasons, the main reason is caused by price factors, because a lot of manufacturers in order to control the product cost, will choose cheap components on select material.

LIXIS brand generator controller is most components are used the world famous brand, especially the key electronic components, such as capacitor with German import EPCOS capacitor, brand terminal is to use Taiwan volunteers, etc. The source of our products to ensure the reliability and quality of the product.

2, the production process

The production process is to ensure that the core of the product reliability, is the most important factors that influence the reliability of ESD, MSD and solder joint reliability, the three aspects of the control technology at present is to develop a mature, also have to due to the international standard, but a lot of manufacturers in mainland China is not doing enough.

We LIXISE is first introduced the AOI inspection equipment in the industry of virtual welding, soldering less phenomenon, maximum limit reduces the virtual welding or welding weak reliability problem; Using the NI test automation technology, reduce man-made mistakes; Using barcode management, reduce the leakage test, at the same time can provide test report to customers for future reference; All the online controller USES a 510 vac, electricity power 35 v limit condition 4 hours aging, to ensure the reliability of the product.

3, good temperature stability

With components and PCB and lead solder materials do not match the thermal expansion coefficient, changes in temperature cycle or can introduce products under the condition of high temperature stability, is likely to lead to solder joint cracking, cock, components of printed line breakdown and short circuit, so the lead forming and installed on the PCB, the measures should be taken to eliminate the thermal stress. Popular said is to ensure that the product has good temperature stability.

3.1 prevent overheating

Lead the immersion tin and welding device, on the premise of guarantee does not produce false welding, should as far as possible to reduce soldering welding temperature and shorten the time. Usually electronic components welding heat resistant test conditions prescribed by the standard is within 1.0-1.5 mm, tube and shell in temperature lead 10 men is continuously for 260 and 5 ℃, or 350 soil 10 ℃ for 3.5 and 0.5. Therefore, soldering temperature is 260 ℃, welding or immersion tin time not more than l0s; Soldering temperature is 350 ℃, not more than 3 s. For hybrid, soldering iron steel-toed temperature should be lower than 2450 c, welding time within the lOs; If the temperature of the welding head is 245 ^ 4000 c, welding time should be limited within 5 s.

Welding temperature lead to the destruction of mainly reflects in the chip bonding between header and material. On the one hand, chip bonding material itself resistance to temperature is reduced, usually is far lower than the chip can be resistant to temperature; Chip bonding material and chips and, on the other hand, the thermal expansion coefficient between the header not consistent, the violent change of temperature will form a large thermal mismatch between different materials stress, easily led to the decrease of the bonding strength degradation, increased contact resistance or sealing.

When the welding diode, the temperature should be more lower. For metal or glass shell packaging diode chip is in low temperature lead tin alloy (melting point is 200 ℃ or so) welded to the tube or pipe on his feet, and chip close to the root of the pin, if lead when the welding temperature is too high, has the potential to lead tin alloy melt, and grow in the lead tin alloy surface a layer of oxide layer, lead to chip bonding resistance increases, serious when still can make the solder overflow forming metal ball tailings, cause instantaneous short circuit, or cause the root lead glass cracking, lead to seal failure.

3.2 high temperature damage of components

In general, the temperature resistance tolerance; Higher temperatures will reduce the service life of the capacitor; High temperature can make the transformer, choke coil insulation performance, general transformer, choke coil allows the temperature lower than 95 c; High temperature will result in changes of the solder alloy structure a INIC thickening, solder brittle, lower mechanical strength; The rise of junction temperature can make the transistor current magnification increased rapidly, cause the collector current increases, and further raise junction temperature, eventually leading to component failure.

When the design, we should pay attention to high temperature influence on the product life and reliability, effective control of product temperature rise, is to improve the reliability of the products is an important link. ;

LIXISE brand AVR WenPiao superior to < 0.03% / ℃, Stanford is 0.04% / ℃. LIXISE brand speed of temperature wave < 0.75% / ℃, the GAC is 1%

4, wide working temperature range

Wide working temperature range refers to the temperature does not exceed alarm threshold, LIXISE controller working temperature in full compliance with industry standards - 20 ~ 70 ℃, without LCD wider: - 30 ~ 70 ℃; The working temperature of AVR - 40 ~ 70 ℃, governor without LCD working temperature - 35 ~ 70 ℃. Low temperature type controller can work in - 30 ~ 70 ℃

5, process to ensure

Electronic product reliability engineering is a very rigorous system engineering, need to ensure efficient and clear process. The main

Reliability process mainly have three:

A: choose reliable material process, including material selection, material certification, supplier certification, supplier quality control;

B: the reliability of the product development design process, in the product development process to ensure the use of 14 kinds of methods mentioned above, and clear review requirements, through the reliability design to ensure the reliability of the product.

C: FRACAS process, through the analysis of the failure data processing, find out the abnormal problems, start the root cause analysis and find solutions and preventive measures, make all issues can closed loop, to ensure the reliability of the product.


Now products are more and more high to the requirement of design life, a lot of product requirements to tens of thousands of hours of life, even more than tens of life. If according to the traditional verification method, it will take a long time, and this is not allowed by customer and market. Then we will elaborate the product need to do the necessary accelerated life test, in a relatively short period of time, the related reliability of simulation to get the product information, so as to better ensure the reliability of the product.

LIXISE mission: to promote the development of Chinese intelligent generator; LIXISE vision: let the world each generator with a smart heart.

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