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LXC9220 generator control module advantages analysis

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LIXISE brand LXC9220 generator control module is an automated controller with 32-bit microprocessors and embedded real-time systems technology, automatic start / stop, precision measuring a variety of parameters, alarm protection and "three remote" function. Apply to a single diesel generator automation and monitoring. At the same time based on the increase in LXC9210 mains electricity and mains monitoring / power automatic switching control function (AMF). Is widely used in various types of generators automation systems, but also for fire pumps, compressors automation control systems. Here we analyze in detail the LXC9220 generator control module advantages. 

Advantages one: large LCD screen

240 * 128 large LCD screen display (128 * 64-class only), allowing users to experience a stronger sense of visual parameters simultaneously displayed on the screen is more clear and easy user to view operation.

Two advantages: Multilingual choice

Languages for users to choose, to support Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, allowing users to operate more convenient, more selective, users can easily use more countries.

Three advantages: Lens

Imported acrylic lenses, anti-fouling, scratch, better transparent and bright, visual effects better.

Four Advantages: navigation round buttons

Sophisticated set of keys, tap to set all the parameters, operating freely, effectiveness stronger.

Advantages five: silicone panel stickers

Silica gel panel affixed feel better, high temperature, fireproof, waterproof, anti-oxidation, durable, long service life, very green and so on.

Advantages six: MINI USB interface

Common interfaces, using a common data lines can be directly connected to a computer for online, no need to take extra power, plug and play, so the use of more humane, more convenient operation.

Advantages seven: Install a good size compatibility

Compatible with the shape of the market at the same level of product size mounting dimensions, applies more broadly.

Advantages eight: PC backplane Post

Backplane interface clear pattern, durable, wear-resistant scratch.

Advantages nine: high-quality plug terminals

ANYTEK high quality plug terminal, easier to use and flexible.

Ten advantages: high reliability shockproof, waterproof silicone rubber ring

Can be achieved between the controller and the panel waterproof and shockproof, prevent wear and fluid leakage.

Conclusion: LXISE is independent design brands, user-friendly interface design, exquisite and beautiful appearance, practical and excellent handling, easy to operate, flexible; has high reliability.

LXC9220 control module advantages analysis diagram

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