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LIXISE brand introduction to innovation is king

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May 28 when U.S. Vice President Joe Biden participated in the United States Air Force Academy Military Academy graduation speech named attack China without any spirit of innovation. His words drew major media outcry , the speech also said , " China 's engineering students graduating each year in the United States is six to eight times , but I can not tell you an understanding of innovative projects from China , innovative change or innovative products . " Sentence like the needle bar into the heart of every Chinese . Some indignant , there are crowds satirical Yankees frogs , it was reflection, it was suspected , it was back and so on , the whole incident caused a lot of waves in China . The core idea is "innovation" and, indeed, in today's technologically advanced era , the only innovation is king survival.

LIXISE committed to creating the most reliable generators intelligent accessory products , has been creeping forward on the path of innovation , LIXISE who has been focusing on the details of the design of human nature , from the first appearance of the product , such as the controller 's display is the use of green backlighting, regardless you're can be seen clearly in the daytime or night generator parameters , Again controller interface is a basic USB interface , plug and play , a great convenience to users. Even a small button, we have done a careful design, omni-directional button design makes set-up and normal operation can be completely separated to avoid running down the unit in the setting of a miss . Like these small innovations abound. But innovation long way to go , we need to redouble our efforts to continue to create more and better products . The spirit of innovation passed along !


Innovation is a spirit, Chinese people never missing bones innovative spirit , from the four great inventions of ancient China can be seen on the ancient Chinese already have a superior ability to innovate. When innovation beyond what any country , but in the modern industrial revolution is far behind European countries, a ferry stalled innovation in China , but the Chinese people 's spirit of innovation and not devoid of , on the contrary , after the reform , Chinese rose hot pursuit , has the emergence of a large number of innovative companies and products. Such as millet phone , Tencent , Huawei, BGI , Rockchip , Lenovo and Alibaba and other Chinese innovative pilot enterprises and products . All Biden 's dare say perhaps to express their pride in the ability of American innovation . We need to redouble our efforts in the hope that one day , we can also say, " The United States is no spirit of innovation ."

Happy one " lesson" - Innovation is king !

A buddy at night drunk driving , traffic police search vehicles encounter , Saya Zi buddy opened the door and ran, police did not catch up. This man ran to his wife to call the police immediately so that his wife , said the family had just stolen the car .

The next day, the vehicle is found, with a banner of thanks go to the traffic police team pick up the car , and the atmosphere warm and peaceful , police gay man holding hands , excited. Traffic police comrades said , this is what we should do , that kid run so fast last night , to see what is not good .

This event tells us that only innovative , have a way out ?

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