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LIXISE shared diesel generator set control pollution emissio

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With the rapid development of industrial technology, but also to highlight the growing problem of environmental pollution, already point to feel the burn. Environmental protection, sustainable development is the trend of industrial development of modern society, both in the turbine industry people want to maintain the excellent performance of diesel generator sets, but also hope to reduce pollution as much as possible, how to effectively control emissions of diesel generator set has become the industry the focus of the major manufacturers of the study. Below Automation Co., Ltd., Dongguan Cheng group from the intake system aspects turbines to talk about pollution control. To minimize pollution. 

Diesel generator air intake system is primarily through dust, impurities filtered air into the cylinder. LIXISE considered by improving the intake system, the air amount control can effectively reduce the incoming combustion air pollution. LIXISE accordance with the relevant knowledge and research experience within the industry that these two very effective ways to improve: 

1, the use of multi-valve technology 

Multi-valve technology (usually with four valves per cylinder: the intake and exhaust valves for each 2) can be expanded intake and exhaust valves of the total sectional area of the flow, volumetric efficiency increases, and the injector can be arranged in a vertical cylinder on the axis, is conducive to the uniform distribution of fuel in the combustion chamber space, the mixture formation and combustion conditions greatly improved, making the law more reasonable heat emissions decreased NOx in the exhaust gas discharge sensitive, CO emissions have also been reduced, but when soot large load also decreased. 

2, using variable swirl intake system 

As the intake swirl intensity greater impact on NOx emissions, the use of variable swirl intake system approach based on speed and load changes to control the vortex strength, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide generated without sacrificing economic. 

Summary: Green needs to start from ourselves, from the trivial, each of us a little less pollution emissions, is for their own offspring stay 1.1 blue sky, close-up generators for us to share this article colleagues, whether we on life, or business products, for the purpose should be to green energy, a force for the green, I believe, we will be more beautiful planet!

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