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Singapore LIXISE brand is facing power shortage during the W

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Singapore LIXISE brand is facing power shortage during the World Cup in Brazil make final preparations

 [Lead] during the World Cup, Brazil is facing power shortage, the increasing standby power purchases. Brazil as a major market in Singapore LIXISE overseas, has recently been exported to Brazil into thousands of generators and voltage regulator controller boards and other generators ancillary products. Obviously felt the World Cup in Brazil because of insufficient power supply faced in a final push to prepare.

According to international news reports online: 2014 World Cup just around the corner, and the Brazilian media recently reported that during the World Cup in Brazil or the presence of off risk.

Local 22, Brazil, "Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper" National Electricity Energy Agency cited a report in December, showing that more than half of the current generation of construction projects lagging behind. In other words, in addition to Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil, Recife, and the remaining 10 World Cup host city are present off the risk which case the Brazilian capital of Brasilia and the southern city of Porto Alegre is the most severe.

However, the same day, the Brazilian National Electricity Energy Agency has responded by saying: postpone the construction of power projects do exist, but does not affect the power supply during the World Cup. The construction project is responsible for the generation of several companies have denied this, they said, power generation projects are underway, and will be completed within the specified time.

Brazilian media pointed out that accelerating the process of power generation projects imminent, but also for the power project failed to timely completion Administration should make contingency alternatives. The Brazilian Ministry of Energy and Mines said in a statement it will focus on strengthening supervision of construction project generation and bulk purchase of backup generators to ensure power supply in the World Cup.

In February this year the country's 11 states in Brazil massive power outage, affecting at least 600 million people. National Power Authority after the blackout request the World Cup host city for a comprehensive examination, update supply facilities, bulk purchase of backup generators to ensure that the World Cup supply.

Brazil as a major market LIXISE overseas every year our company exports its generator controller, governor, pressure plates and other generators spare parts. During the World Cup approaching, obviously felt the customer side of the Brazilian import our products continues to increase. Also really appreciate the World Cup in Brazil is facing due to insufficient power supply, making final preparations. Let us also feel the same ahead of the World Cup brings deep warmth. We believe Brazil will successfully host the 2014 World Cup is good, but also wished Brazil 2016 Olympics a success.

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