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LIXISE talk in order to ensure the normal power supply entra

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LIXISE talk in order to ensure the normal power supply entrance, around the emergency generators in preparation

[Lead]: As China's first college entrance exams, moved to move the hearts of millions of people, especially parents and our students. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the national college entrance examination, the various ministries and agencies, and civil society are all together to prepare for the college entrance examination. As power is particularly important during the college entrance examination, the following LIXISE as a generator parts suppliers, specially designed for everyone to gather around the entrance power, emergency power generators in preparation News.


T1 To ensure the safe operation of the power grid entrance Dongguan nine standby power car

According to the Nanfang Daily reported yesterday, Dongguan City, the examination period to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, Dongguan Power Supply Bureau in advance to plan for the examination of the actual circumstances of each test center entrance security supply scheme, outage contingency plans; vigorously carry out special patrol Turvey, the city Line 79 within the jurisdiction of the examination room, candidates hotel accommodation, hotels and other areas becomes public, special variable electrical devices and customers a comprehensive inspection, investigation. During the examination, the council will arrange for nine power car (machine) for support, and deploy additional security backbone electrical service personnel in the field test sites 24 hours on duty in the post, closely monitor the examination room load, insist Dunshou not undergo strengthen communication with the school's . Vehicle supplies, spare parts are always "on call," ready to do emergency repair, emergency repair of mobile power supply vehicles to enter the state to be prepared.

T2 after storm outage education sector in order to ensure a smooth entrance, emergency generators in preparation

   It is understood that the students take the exam this year, Guizhou shiqian 2831. Floods on June 4, the county portion of the test sites, the EDB, shiqian school, middle school shiqian nation suffered storms, office, classroom soaked by floods to varying degrees, including the preparation of students for college entrance exams most stationery was Flood damage soak. Shiqian EDB from neighboring Dejiang County Board of Education emergency mobilization of more than 2,000 sets of entrance stationery, ensuring shiqian 2831 Candidates smooth entrance.

According to reports, at present, electricity, water Shiqian City, County Board of Education coordinated multi-sectoral Preparatory several large generators, if tomorrow there is no normal power supply, the generator will protect student entrance.

T3 Xiamen emergency generator car stationed to protect the entrance test sites safe and reliable electricity

Taiwanese network June 8 hearing yesterday was the first day of college entrance examination in Xiamen Lakeside School Park, a quietly emergency generator car parked on the roadside, Xiamen power company technicians are stationed in schools participating guaranteed power supply . It is reported that the power company for each test center in Xiamen have developed sophisticated power protection plans, and strengthen duty forces, the relevant power supply equipment to carry out special patrols, to ensure safe and reliable electricity entrance.

T4 Tianjin Binhai New generation car "prepare" entrance

 Tianjin Binhai power before starting electrical entrance security plans for the test sites and the surrounding establishments dragnet special patrol, and arrange two power cars on standby in the event of an emergency situation, will immediately provide temporary power generation car.

Conclusion: entrance has entered its second day, with the various institutions and departments, social organizations work together to ensure the smooth conduct of the entrance. LIXISE cooperation as a generator with a number of accessory products supplier Power Supply Bureau, we use high-quality products to ensure the stable operation of the generator, generator controller hope that our other ancillary products, play a role in this standby power supply in the entrance . Meanwhile I wish all the best entrance across the country, I wish the ideal candidates to test scores!

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