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Parsing LIXISE LXC6110 generator controller beyond the brand

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Parsing LIXISE LXC6110 generator controller beyond the brand's advantages

LXC6110 automation controller for single  diesel generator automation and control systems, the use of 32-bit microprocessor technology, automatic start / stop, precision measuring a variety of parameters, alarm protection and "three remote" feature. Its compact, simple wiring, high reliability, and can be widely used in various types of generators automation systems, but also for fire pumps, compressors automation control systems.

LXC6110 generator controller numerous advantages beyond the analysis of the following:

Beyond 1, multi-language menu choice (English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese) without re-burning process.

Beyond 2, a screen generator sets all parameters (speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil, battery voltage, single-phase voltage, three-phase voltage, phase current, power, power factor, frequency), no page view you can see all the parameters when the unit of work.

Beyond 3, using a fixed delay and delay overcurrent magnification can be calculated according to how much traffic overcurrent protection time, to a greater extent to ensure crew safety.

Beyond 4, 200 manufacturers fault records to facilitate inspection unit failure, the user can check the unit according to the fault recording problems, and easy maintenance.


Beyond 5, remote monitoring can not only use computer software monitoring unit, while also using a mobile phone text message monitoring, did not sit in front of the computer can also get the unit working conditions.

Beyond 6, automatic maintenance reminder: turbine factory maintenance reminder time can be set to ensure that equipment is in good working condition standby. For example: Run N hours after replacing the oil filter, or to check certain accessories (filters) and so on.

Beyond 7, early advanced password management, user management has primary password generator set parameters to ensure crew safety. Advanced password generator set manufacturer reserves the unit parameters can be changed at any time.

Beyond 8, regular boot: a real-time clock, two cycle timer switch settings, you can start a routine inspection function and so on.

Beyond 9, panels perform sensor calibration parameters: sensor calibration function is used to measure the results of the calibration sensor used when installing a new machine, to avoid large errors.

Summary: Beyond the need for innovation, but also requires courage and perseverance, no transcendence, human society will lose vitality, such as a backwater. LIXISE who always adhere to innovation as the flag, pioneering spirit, perseverance, constantly develop more humane, intelligent, automated high-quality products to meet customer needs, contribute to the community!

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