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LIXISE series generator control box (panel) features

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Generator control box, also known as the generator control panel, the main purpose is to distribute electric power generator output to the user load or electrical equipment, but also to indicate the functioning of the diesel generators and keep the generator in case of load changes The voltage stability. The controller can be installed, a variety of instruments, switches, voltage regulators, electronic speed controller, sensors and other parts on the generator control box panel. LIXISE the generator control box is divided into external and internal universal control box, compatible with all kinds of generators, the use of 32-bit ARM microcontroller, hardware, high integration, high reliability, here we simply list LIXISE control box Features:

1, automatic start control

2, provides a common interface to the control box inside the rich customers out of the box;

3, can provide a common control box or according to special requirements;

4, the internal components of the control box can be arranged according to user requirements, can achieve a variety of functions;

5, built-in components and lights color Please specify the user to be in the selection of the products according to changing user requirements, shall be provided when ordering

 Electrical circuit diagram;

6, steel wire or cable wiring.

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