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Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and the working

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Voltage regulator called regulator board (AVR), is dedicated to supporting the fundamental harmonic excitation or fitted with double excitation permanent magnet generator (PGM system) AC brushless generator design. Here LIXISE tell you about the voltage regulator works with the regulator works.

AVR works

Since the generator and the transmission ratio of the engine is fixed, the rotational speed of the generator with the engine speed changes. The car is running, the engine speed varies greatly, the terminal voltage of the generator will vary with the speed of the engine varies over a wide range. Generators for electrical equipment to power and charge the battery, its voltage stability are required, so that the voltage is maintained at a substantially constant value, it is necessary to adjust the output voltage of the generator.

AVR voltage regulation principles

Rms by the alternator works we know three-phase winding phase alternator electromotive force generated

Eφ == CeФn (V)

Here is a structure constant generator Ce, n is the rotor speed, Ф magnetic flux of the rotor, the induced electromotive force generated by the alternator rotor speed and the magnetic flux proportional to the words.

When the speed increases, Eφ increases, the output terminal voltage UB increases, when the speed increases to a certain value (load speed or more), the output terminal voltage reaches the limit, in order to make the output voltage of the generator with no UB increases the speed increase can only be achieved by reducing the magnetic flux Ф. And magnetic flux Ф If the excitation current is proportional to the flux Ф is reduced to reduce the field current If.

So, alternator regulator works: When the alternator speed increases, the regulator reduced by the generator excitation current If to reduce the flux Ф, the output voltage of the generator UB remains unchanged .

Contact voltage regulator through a contact opening and closing of the field circuit is turned on and off to change the size of the field current If regulator transistor, IC regulators, etc. The use of the power transistor on and off, turn on and off magnetic circuit to change the size of the field current If.

SX460 generator automatic voltage regulator diagram:

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