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Unattended diesel generator allows you to stay away from the

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Cooling: Water-cooled                                   Stroke: six strokes

Installation: Open frame generator set     Type: Automatic diesel generator set

Speed: 1500 rpm                                           Frequency: 50Hz

Voltage: 400V                                                 Control System: LIXISE automated control systems

Model: Deutz BF6L913ADJC                       Specifications: National Standards

Figure: DEUTZ generator set with automatic control Inge with LXC6110 generator controller, DTU signal acquisition module.

1、Easy management units to improve efficiency.

Open the software in the office, check generator set operating parameters. While accepting unit alarm signal through phone GPRS networks. Problems, the controller reads the fault records, sent in the past simple maintenance, debugging can be. Reduce maintenance costs, more units in a PC client management. Enter through the PC software acquisition number generator set to work gathering the parameters, which can be sent over the network to the operating parameters on the PC and mobile phone, LIXISE unattended automation control systems as possible. Let Operation Technician away from the noise of diesel generator sets, hot harsh environments, remote monitoring, which greatly facilitates the users.

In addition, with a maintenance reminder, early advanced password management, parameter reset, 200 failures recorded in five languages, such as user-friendly design, the appearance of simple, user-friendly operation.

2、Automatic detection of mains electricity incessant.

Automatic Protection automatically detects electricity generators to achieve "electricity - generation" to ensure uninterrupted power forever. When the diesel generators work abnormal condition occurs, the automated control system of normal judgment and timely processing, issue the appropriate warning signals and economic shutdown to avoid damage to the generators, while also automatically start the backup generators to ensure continuous supply.

3、The same page displays all parameters, display error is small, to protect the safety of electrical equipment.

Electrical equipment for electrical energy has a higher frequency and voltage requirements, the scope of permissible deviations are small, accurate automatic control panel display generator set power voltage and frequency. By adjusting device to complete the unit voltage, frequency and active power regulation. Display error is small, user-friendly operation conditioners to protect the safety and economy of electrical equipment.

4、Stable and reliable.

Lixise first Singapore AOI testing equipment to detect the introduction of Weld, solder less phenomenon, the maximum reduction soldered or welded reliability problems caused by insecure; each generator controller used by the U.S. NI automated test simulation generator sets to work to reduce human misjudgment; and online 510VAC, power supply 35V electricity 24 hours aging extreme conditions to ensure product reliability, stability, and different power units each test match, accurate receiving sensor signals, reducing downtime and affect controller misjudgment normal start.

5、 Improve the service.

Each product barcode management, reducing leakage test, while at the same test reports to customers for future reference. To better serve customers, long-term cooperation. The establishment of service centers and customer service technicians in areas of Fujian and Jiangsu. Deal with immediate problems to solve, one year free Warranty Services, transportation costs, service charges arising from our factory Returns commitments.

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