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LIXISE brand MX321 exciter generator regulator board

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With the fierce competition in the domestic market and foreign trade generators, and generators in reduced domestic demand in the domestic industry has tended to stabilize mature. Industry export rate of 80%, to survive are good quality, sales and stable plant. The generator set manufacturer needs to follow when purchasing parts, accessories may wish to consider the stability and reliability. Foreign export, sale cost is quite high, Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Cheng group established eight anniversary this year, is a joint production of the Singapore Takeovers generator controller, AVR, speed control board, as well as projects.
 AVR key loop using military grade components with high stability, improve stability.
Multiple independent protection circuit design, protect the generator. As do most early AVR factory, now has 20 R & D team, continually receiving feedback from the market, and actively improve the course of eight years ... we did four points: ① ② from magnetic low voltage, fast response voltage stability ③ ④ temperature drift less than 0.05% / ℃.



Here we recommend a LIXISE brand MX341 (or MX321) excitation generator regulator board 

Permanent magnet generator through MX341 (or MX321) AVR provides excitation source for the exciter, AVR control device regulating the exciter field current. If the MX321 AVR, through an isolation transformer voltage sensing signal from the host to the stator windings to provide feedback, by controlling the low power exciter field, adjust the exciter.


Figure 1 permanent magnet generator (PMG) excitation-AVR control voltage generator works

Armature rectified output power to achieve the required field current control of the host.
 PMG system provides a constant independent of the load of the stator excitation power, providing a high motor starting capacity, and a host of stator output voltage waveform by non-linear loads (eg thyristor DC motor) produces distortion has immunity.
MX341 AVR by detecting two-phase average voltage to ensure a higher voltage regulation, and it also monitor engine speed is lower than the pre-selected speed setting, the output voltage is reduced accordingly in order to prevent over-excitation at low engine speeds, slow down loading The impact to reduce the burden of the engine. It also provides a delay of over-excitation protection under the exciter field voltage is too high for the generator excitation or de-excitation less.

   In addition to providing MX341 MX321 engine has less protection Haute nature, but also has a three-phase rms detection and over-voltage protection features.
   AVR accessories. SX440, SX421, MX341 and MX321 AVR's built-in circuit connection if and accessories enable the generator in the "sagging" or "static error" control, VAR (reactive power)) / PF (power factor) under the control of parallel operation ; MX321 AVR also provides short-circuit current limit control. MX321 also offers short-circuit current limiting, controlling.

Singapore LIXISE MX321 generator voltage regulator Figure

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