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Singapore LIXISE diesel genset parallel Applications

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Dongguan Cheng Automation Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is a Singapore force Corsa (LIXISE) joint venture. Singapore LIXISE in parallel  technology in the international advanced level, especially diesel generator set and automatic machine technology is very mature, and its core modules using self-developed LXC9510 dedicated and machine control module.LIXISE by virtue of the accumulation of a large number of diesel generators and car and machine program success and experience, according to customer needs, design the most economical and reasonable generators and machine program.

Many occasions require more than one of the sets, using Singapore lixise and machine modules, enabling automatic parallel and load distribution of multiple units. When mains failure, a generator set up and run with load while detecting load according to its own set of circumstances, if the load demand is greater than the capacity of a unit set, then the second and third units will automatically start, automatic synchronization and distribution of the load in accordance with the load ratio setting. In addition, if the load demand reduction, in accordance with the set value, the load per unit of less than 25% of the rated capacity (if the lower limit is set to 25%), a generator will automatically exit a platform until it reaches the preset standard

Diesel generator system components and machines

Dongguan Cheng's group and diesel generator systems is dominated by diesel generator controller and cabinet, consisting of circuit breaker switch and control section. And selected core modules Weili Corsa car LXC9510 dedicated diesel generator sets in parallel controllers with the same period detection system, automatic load distribution and automatic control closing functions. LIXISE from Singapore, has 10 years of history is a well-known enterprises in Singapore. 2013 and formally established a joint venture in Dongguan fly Swiss electronics group now Dongguan Cheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.. By maintaining a close working relationship with our customers good, with excellent technical support and innovative products, LIXISE business in China is also expanding. LIXISE product has user-friendly design, high quality, stable performance, trusted by the user, has a good reputation and visibility.

LXC9510  parallel control template description:
Manual LXC9510 generators in parallel with the capacity of more than one controller is used or a different capacity generators / automatic parallel system and generator sets for single constant power output and power grid, power generators automatic shutdown / parallel operation, data measurement, protection and alarm "three remote" feature. Controller with large-screen LCD graphic display, can display Chinese, English and other languages, simple, reliable operation. GOV and AVR has a control function, can automatically synchronize all kinds of working conditions and load sharing, the controller accurately monitor turbine, generator set when abnormal working automatically while the failure to resolve the status display columns from the parent, close generator sets in LCD. All parameters can be used to adjust the PC via the USB interface, but also the use of a PC via RS485 interface adjustments and monitoring. Its compact, simple wiring, high reliability, and can be widely used in various types of generators automated parallel system.


Case 1: A large-scale enterprises in Pakistan
2 Weichai Deutz diesel generator sets, 1 120KW, another 250KW, adopt LXC9510 controller and machine successfully. The two units can mutually island mode or AC mode, meaning that a unit can be close to full power output, the other power units can artificially control the size of the output size, the other two can be power sharing output. This group of burning diesel fuel oil.

It was in October 2012, the force can match the success of certain oil companies and local success in Pakistan

Case II: a large enterprise in Vietnam
LXC9510 generators in parallel controller application examples: ----- Three Daewoo diesel generator set, one is 500KW 400KW other two are being load test machine. Good to hear customers say Debug a remote island for use in Vietnam.

Case 3: Application of a border in Myanmar
Singapore LIXISE LXC9510 parallel  Controller in June 2012 began to put on the market, optimized for two years, from the original two, three, six and then to today's machines, power Corsa theory LXC9510 and machine controllers and machine Up to 99 units, if given the opportunity, I believe we will do it. Force Corsa has been in progress, constantly transcend, to thank our customers trust us to help each other, to create brilliant!

It was March 2014, LIXISE a border in Burma six power stations and machine successfully Cummins generator sets

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