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LIXISE sharing small generators in parallel controller techn

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Talked about small generators in parallel controllers, we need to understand "what is a small generator?" Usually refers to power less than 30kw can be called small generators. Similarly in small generators can be achieved and the network controller, said the small generators in parallel controllers. We are committed to developing LIXISE people have been studies in this area. Here we share with you the simple to achieve small generators in parallel technology.

Small hydro fuel generators or condition group and power grid are: three-phase AC generator set output voltage, frequency, phase sequence must be the same as the grid. This article describes the small generators and network controller, to set the output voltage of the generator automatic detection and control, auto-complete when they meet and network conditions and net work.
It should be noted: The small generators and power grid, subject to approval and testing electrical control department before implementation qualified.
Circuit works 

The small generators and network controller circuit by the sampling circuit, comparator circuit, delay control circuit and working status indication circuit shown in Figure 1.

Sampling circuit consists of resistors Rl-R3, R9-Rll, potentiometer RPl, RP3, rectifier diode VD7-VDlO, VDl5-VDl8 and capacitors Cl, C3 components.
The comparator circuit consists of an operational amplifier integrated circuit IC (Nl, N2), a diode VDl-VD4, VDll-VDl4, resistors R4, R5, Rl2 and R13 components. 

Delay control circuit consists of resistors R6, potentiometer RP2, diode VD4-VD6, VDl4, capacitor C2, transistor Vl, relay K and AC contactor KM components.
Work status indication circuit consists of a light emitting diode VLl, VL2, V2 transistors and resistors R7, R8 components.
After the step-down voltage by Rl grid generators L2 L2 phase and the phase between the lines, VD7-VDlO rectification, R2 and R3, RPl partial pressure and Cl filtering, as applied to the sampling voltage through R4 lC 2 feet, and 3 pin 0.6V reference voltage. When the voltage of the IC 2 feet higher than 0.6V, 1 pin output low, C2 by VD5, VD4 for IC 2 feet quickly discharge, the VD4 deadline, + l2V voltage through R6, Rn charge on C2, the delay period After time, Vl conduction, K and KM pull, KM normally open contacts connected, complete and net-work; while also conducting V2, VLl lit, and the network issued instructions.
Sampling and comparison process between the control grid voltage of phase L3 L3 phase with the generator described above.
If the sampling voltage on Cl or C3 zero over a very short duration, then the grid conditions are not met, C2 immediately after charging a small amount of electrical discharge, Vl is not turned on, and the network can not be achieved.
K R rejection makes adjusting the delay 0.5-1s after the action. 

Components Selection
RI and Rg are selected 1/2W metal film resistors; full-R8 and RlO-R13 1/4W metal film resistor or a carbon film resistors.
RPl-R are made of organic solid variable resistor.

Cl-C3 are selected voltage is 16V aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
VDl-VDl8 1N4007 type silicon rectifier diodes. 

VLl and V are selected p5mm ashamed of light-emitting diodes, VLl choose red, V ashamed choose green.
Vl use S805O or C8050, 3DG8050 silicon NPN transistor; V2 selection 3CG2l or Sg015 silicon PNP transistor.
IC op amp selection C250.
K selection l2V DC relay. 

KM and knife switch
     Q1, Q2 should be based on the power of the load may be.
Summary: LIXISE intelligent control of the generator has been committed to research and development, especially in the generator parallel studies continue to increase investment in technology, research and development is now ready to small generators in parallel controllers and other ancillary products. To meet a variety of customer needs. With your support, we will redouble our efforts!

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