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LIXISE through baidu index analysis domestic generator indus

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LIXISE through baidu index analysis domestic generator industry development trend and market demand

Baidu index is what? There may be some friends is not very understanding, I will talk to you with the most popular language, through the baidu search keywords baidu index search times a day, called baidu index. We can know through baidu index keywords heat and attention, particularly suitable for use in network promotion keywords analysis. Similarly, we can also through the baidu index to help us to analyze various industries and the development trend of the market demand.

Today we are using the data obtained from the baidu index query tools to analyze, generator industry market demand and market development trend in the future. Querying data from baidu index, we can obtain periodic user awareness and media attention, late to grasp market trends and direction, which can help us to master in the local market share of the industry, aware of the value of the site operation, formulate reasonable plan, make valuable decisions. Below we through detailed analysis of index of "generator", thus to help us analyze industry market situation.

1, baidu index: generator (national) 2014 half a year (January - June)

Through baidu index tools query keywords "generator", reflect the national industry of generators is the first time the user attention and media attention, through the above we can see 1 to 2 months before interest is low, the time period is the Spring Festival, is normal. After February, attention to recover gradually rise to the index fluctuated around 1200-1600 in March, basically recover to 1421 average index value.

Further analysis to grasp the development trend of recent years industry and volatility change rule, generally grasp the time to focus on the industry stage, to be prepared for the later event planning.

2, the 2011-01-01-2011-01-01 national hot trend generator

Above is January 1, 2011 to July 2014, 2, 3 and a half years time baidu index charts of generator.

Can be seen from this graph, in 2011, 2012, generator attention to maintain a relatively stable situation, feeling down, 2013 to the index of the first half of 2014, obviously feeling generator attention than ever before.

3, baidu index of regional distribution:

Generator attention through baidu index, regional distribution, top 10 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government

From baidu index of the regional distribution of ranking, ranking top is the generators and accessories production the most concentrated area. Top three, respectively is guangdong, zhejiang, Beijing. Jiangsu province ranked fourth. Note that if you want to see the city index of generator need can switch to "urban" view.

4, demand for map

We look from the demand distribution, gasoline generator, generator dashboard, motor vehicles, generators recycling and other related products or word is rising trend. And the working principle, diesel generating sets, battery, charging with products have fallen month-on-month, power stations and other words. Figure in the dot, the greater the month-on-month rise or fall. Orange is said climbed, gray said fell.

5, the generator baidu index: hot search word + fastest rising search term

Heat from the picture above you can see, the perpetual motion machine search rankings for the first (average 1320), gasoline generator (average 548) second, diesel generators (average 420)

The fastest rising search term in the top three, respectively is gas-electric amphibious tricycle, diesel generators, gasoline generators. The fastest rising search term suggests that nearly period of time, the related search heat build-up rate is highest.

Other baidu index analysis indicators, such as: search, data such as age, gender, media attention to analysis the market demand, use the crowd and so on, through the comprehensive analysis of these data, a more accurate.

Conclusion: baidu index query tool is a very useful tool, query the data and charts are for reference only, while baidu index can only feedback users attention (search users may include production enterprises themselves, the power professional students, marketing personnel, etc.), cannot be fully used to do real customer's attention, but we through the index is roughly judge the real customer value as the most important instructions, again through the segmentation, through various channels to understand, to more accurately understand the demand of the market and future market trends. Through baidu index not only can query tool to analyze the generator industry market demand and development trend, in other industries are interlinked. Just want to through this method to share with you. 

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