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LXC6110 diesel generator controller applied in special indus

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LXC6110 diesel generator controller is mainly used for single diesel generator automation and control systems, the use of 32-bit microprocessor technology, automatic start / stop, precision measuring a variety of parameters, alarm protection and "three remote" feature and so on. We specifically designed it with the generator rental, fire pumps, compressors and other industrial applications. Is a versatile, stable, cost-effective controller. 

A generator leasing industry applications
    Generator rental industry in 2010 -2011 developing very rapidly, with state control of the property market, generator rental industry gradually leveled off in recent years, but in the long run, shortages and industrial water recycling our water resources The ratio increased, diesel generators are still irreplaceable products; expand service areas from the point of view analysis, turbine industry to develop leasing business is an advantage.
Based on market demand, LIXISE for generator rental industry developed a special LXC6110 diesel generator controller solutions. Mainly adds the following features:

1、the management provides the perfect solution for two leased out via PC remote management unit that monitors all operating parameters (oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, current, power, etc.).
2、the configuration can be changed at any time to protect the crew was not properly applied.
3、can record 200 detailed fault information, including: failure of key parameters of time, because, when the voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature, etc., and ready to be uploaded to the monitoring machine.
4、another multi-level password management to facilitate the lease term management.

Second, the fire pump industry applications
LXC6110 controller is not only particularly suitable for a single diesel generator control system can also be used for fire pump control. Mainly has the following characteristics:
1、using a large screen LCD (240 * 128LCD) graphics display, can display almost all important parameters in the next page, save the page. In an emergency operation to save valuable time.
2、after turning off electrical parameter measurement function, using powerful programmable input and output ports and internal programmable logic to achieve automated pump control system.
3、 instead of the traditional diesel engine controller PLC + simple way. Makes the system more stable and reliable.

Third, the air compressor industry applications
Air compressor is to provide a pneumatic power system is the core of the source of electromechanical means entraining body, which is original movable (typically an electric motor) can be converted into mechanical energy of the gas pressure device, pressure generating means is compressed . Air compressor is widely used in recent years, the market demand is very large. Based on market needs LIXISE controller LXC6110 air compressor specially designed control panel features. Has the following characteristics:

1、after turning off the voltage measurement protection, according to the need to configure programmable analog input.
2、the use of overload.
3、with the programmable digital inputs, complete startup control, temperature and pressure control, protection parameter settings.

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