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ATS switch cabinet room intelligent monitoring system

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ATS switch cabinet room include: intelligent monitoring system of network computer room into the cabinet system, ATS automatically switched systems, ATS output power distribution cabinets, ATS generator controller, DTU (wireless data transmission), grounding system, machine room whole machine room monitoring system, etc. System design principle and system features: low voltage power distribution system, this system, don't ask, don't broken ac or dc power supply system, etc., are in this room use requirement, end-to-end network power integration solutions.

According to the informationization development of the overall needs and the development trend of computer science, long-term planning, for the computer equipment and staff to create a safe, reliable, easy and comfortable work place. To insure the normal operation of the computer system, extend the service life of the computer system; Meet the special requirements of computer users: ensure site staff's physical and mental health.

The characteristics of intelligent monitoring system of ATS switch ark room:

1, generality: the design of this system in conformity with the national design standards.

2, reliability: equipment has a good electromagnetic compatibility and electrical isolation performance. Does not affect the other equipment to work normally. Overall design ensure the main equipment for ac distribution supply uninterrupted power supply.

3, stability: all products have been the world's major telecom business, data network long run test. In the industry has a leading technology, leading manufacturing and leading brand.

4, security: meet the international standards of immunity of high-grade, safe and reliable work.

5, maintainability: the main equipment adopts modular structure design, easy to fault maintenance process.

Current computer center of mass of the server and the concentration of minicomputer use. The security of the network operation depends on the stability of the power system safe operation. Have higher request for the safety of the UPS power supply system and only according to the properties of electrical equipment such as computer center server and use are faced with the problem in the design in advance. And select the optimal scheme. Can be used in future power system operation, the real guarantee of power supply of high reliability and high availability, can in the most basic motivation to ensure stability of computer center operation analysis of electricity load characteristics: first, from information platform of the computer center, almost all the important load is server and minicomputers.

To make a clear distinction between the power supply characteristics of such equipment, can effective design safety power supply mode. Transient voltage surge not only in the power interference is the most common, and the most damaging to sophisticated electronic system. Impulse voltage to produce a variety of reasons, the most well-known is thunder and lightning. 30 million v high pressure through electromagnetic induction can lead to transmission line lightning flash: power supply other reasons but not as obvious as the lightning damage as serious. And occur more frequently.

ATS switch cabinet room monitoring systems: for all the equipment and the environment of computer room for centralized monitoring and management, adopt jie control upper configuration software, realize the computer room equipment comprehensive monitoring, can reduce burden of computer maintenance personnel, improve the reliability of system. So as to realize the scientific management of computer room.

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