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LXC706 generator controller is the perfect companion for sma

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LXC706 generator controller is the perfect companion for small power generators

Generator set market in recent years to mature, big competition, low profits, the domestic small units tend to be simplified, without differentiation. With the development of China's construction of perfect domestic generators to reduce domestic demand, the manufacturers to control production costs, seeking to rely on low prices on the international market slice. After several years of development, from the instrument display control keys to the display control automation and machine control then, three shake control, GPS positioning remote control. But 20kw small power units due to small size, low price, in a thousand years ago could not be assembled up a controller, but with lower turbine industry technologies mature, industry development trend of automation background, various small units, especially gasoline generators, began assembling in the small, simple operation, protection features and more automation controller.

Innovation and value creation, through market research, domestic gasoline genset are cheap, but the competition is great, price competition is not conducive. Innovation companies looking for new breakthroughs in the competition, improve competitiveness. Based on market demand, Singapore LIXISE from research to production of a LXC706 generator controller, especially for small petrol unit controller unit. On the basis of the control of the generator set on raw material costs, the unit does not change the internal circuits, electronic components, from R & D controller to the panel cutout, wiring, installation, testing, fully applicable to small units and gasoline unit. Make a high-end product in which a small gasoline controller units on the market can improve 10-15% of the value of products.

706 controller features:
LCD screen can display: power voltage, power generation, frequency, temperature, oil pressure, speed, total running time, battery voltage, fuel level.
Protection features include: low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed under speed, emergency stop, failed to start, generating voltage is too high, too low frequency, battery voltage is too low, the fuel level is low, protection shutdown feature.
Main features: power range, voltage output (8-35) VDC, with power, speed, temperature, pressure, liquid level sensor input ports.

LXC706 small generator controller Product: 


Wiring instructions:
Terminal 1 (B +), a negative electrode of the battery to start the external
Terminal 2 (B +), the positive electrode of the battery to start the external
Terminal 3, the emergency stop input (input B + voltage effective) external emergency stop button is normally closed
Terminal 4, the fuel output port (input B +), external start relay, shock capacity 1A
Terminal 5, the start output (output B +), external start relay, shock capacity 1A
Terminals 6, remote boot input port, then B-effective
Terminal 7, programmable input port, the switch can be entered by setting the fuel level sensor signal or signals, digital input interface B-effective
Terminal 8, oil pressure switch or sensor input ports connected B-
Terminal 9, the water temperature / high cylinder temperature switch or sensor input ports connected B-
Terminals 10 and 11, an external signal generator voltage terminals determine the successful launch and provide overspeed / under speed protection
Terminal 12, idle speed control output (output B +), contact capacity 1A
Terminal 13, was stopped point output (output B +), can be set output switch, contact capacity 1A through PC
Terminal 14, a programmable output (output B +), can be set output switch, contact capacity 1A through PC
Terminal 15 (D +), charging alternator D + (WL) terminal, if not this terminal charging machine, the secondary terminals floating
Terminal 16. Heads signal input, it is recommended to use shielded cable
USB, MiniUSB interface to connect a PC with a USB interface for parameter programming, without the need for an external DC power supply

LXC706 generator controller wiring diagram:

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