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EG2000 speed control system of generator speed controller

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1. The function of

This kind of Speed controller Has the engine control system of electronic function.EG2000 Generator speed controller Can detect the magnetic pulse speed sensors to detect the results compared with the speed controller set point, and provide the appropriate output current for actuators, control of engine fuel system.

Each unit has a complete independent unit switch, switch will be down the engine system under the condition of exceeding the speed limit.In the synchronous or slow down, speed controller can respond quickly.Applicable to the operating speed, idle speed, speeding closing device, slow down, wandering, crankshaft oblique, to start the fuel, speed regulation of slope and two types of performance adjustment (gain and stability).All adjustment can be used to cover.EG2000 series generator speed controller is the first characteristic of engine starting fuel and slope adjustment speed.The application of these characteristics will increase at the same time of decrease engine exhaust speeds.Speed controller also includes other features, such as adjustable speed down and idle speed operation, the device is suitable for the engine more or special equipment, as well as to prevent the actuator electrode reverse, and all of a sudden short circuit transient voltages.Is equipped with a built-in battery voltage is low, sensor failure and superstition, in order to realize the shut down the engine.

The engine speed signal is usually through driven by the engine installed in close to a hoop on the gear tooth magnetic speed sensor.Speed sensorSignal is proportional to the frequency and the speed of the engine.Speed controller will receive all within the scope of frequency speed controller ((1 -) 7.5 kHz) and engine is proportional to the signal frequency.General installation near the engine speed sensor iron gear drive, the ring gear is usually engine.When the gear tooth after magnetic sensor is produced with the engine speed is proportional to the signal.Signal strength must be within the scope of the signal amplifier.Needed a 1 120 VRMS to ensure equipment are expected to function properly.The speed controller in speed sensor inserted end (["C"&" D ") input resistance is 20 KCZ, D end connected to the internal battery cathode, only connect one end of the shielded cable.

When the controller receives the speed sensor signal, the signal is amplified and a constant area formed by the internal circuit of pulse.If speed sensing monitor unaware speed sensor signal, the output of the speed controller circuit will all lead to the current actuators are cut off.

Speed sensor and the summation of speed regulation control point is a dynamic control unit of the input in regulating system.Dynamic control circuit, including gain control and stability, has the control function, can make the most types of engine and fuel system to achieve the stability of the synchronous operation.

Speed control unit circuit under the influence of gain and stability operation adjustment.Sensitivity adjustment system goes along with the clockwise rotation is enhanced by the gain control.Scope of nonlinear gain adjustment for 33:1.Clockwise adjust stability, will increase the response rate of control system, to match the different time constant of various kinds of engine.Speed control system is PID device, part D can according to need to change.Section, see the instability in the engine cycle, starting fuel from almost close to almost a full position adjustment.Once the engine starts, locus of control is first by the idle speed setting determines the slope and speed circuit.When the engine speed slope is complete, the engine will run at normal operating speed.Under the desired engine speed, the actuator can produce enough voltage to maintain the desired speed, independent load (synchronization).

actuatorOutput current switching circuit for actuators to start the current.Output transistor at a 300 hz frequency alternating closed, open, and this is more than general frequency of actuator, so can't see the change of the switch.Switch output transistors to reduce the internal for voltage control of power consumption effectively.Output circuit can be under the condition of 25 ℃ for 24 v DC battery system to provide the continuous current of up to 1 oa.Actuators on the average currentTo respond to locate the engine fuel control lever.

Standard operation process, the performance of the speed controller is synchronous.When connected to K and L side, but choose to slow down.Slow down adjusting percentage can along with the change of speed governor control to change.Connected to G and H can reduce speed down range.

Some speed controller can enhance the performance of the control system and protection features.Engine speed circuit is expected to start by too big to reduce to a minimum, or will be a lot of load too much when applied to the engine speed by reducing to a minimum.

Slow down at the rate of 4000 hz frequency and execute current sensor as a benchmark.From no load to full load current changes in the range of 1 a.The application of high speed sensor signal will reduce the percentage of the slow down.See the scope of speed down instructions for more detailed information.

To prevent a series diode voltage reversal.15 a fuse is installed in the positive battery lead.

To prevent the actuator current short circuit.After close the actuator current, short circuit problem solving equipment normal operation automatically.

2. The application and installation information

Rough surface speed controller to install in the control room, engine and equipment shell or higher engine remote console of 20 m.Small since the installation of the engine controller, vertical installed to internal no enrichment accumulation speed controller.

3. The wiring

EG2000 generator speed controller wiring schematic is shown in figure 2 a 14.From the speed controller of A, B, E and F are connected to the battery and actuator wiring should be 16 AWG (was) 1.3 or larger.Long cable to use large wiring in order to reduce the voltage loss.On F, i.e., positive input recommend the use of 15 a fuse.All the shield must be insulated to ensure protection will not contact other parts of the engine body.Otherwise interfere with the speed of the signal may enter the speed controller.When the engine stops, adjust the speed of magnetic sensor and the annular clearance between the gear teeth.Clearance is less than 0.020 in (0.51 mm).Usually, will reach the ideal air gap of the gear.Magnetic speed sensor voltage at least V AC RMS at startup.

4. EG2000 technical parameters:

FR2000 operating voltage

10 VDC — 30 VDC

The output current

0.5 Amp —15 Amp

Frequency range

600 Hz ~ 9500 Hz (PMG signal)

IDLEAdjust thefrequency

The normal range is adjustable between 30% and 85%

Speed band

Steady state - 0.25%

Stable temperature

40 ~ 85 -°CBetween the maximum plus or minus 0.5%

Remote speed adjusting range,2Mode)

Plus or minus potentiometer adjustable range5% with 5 KΩ

Ramp Time

Adjustable 3-20 seconds

The operating environment

Working temperature: - 40 ~ 85°C
Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 85°C
Relative humidity: 95% maximum
Vibration: 3 g @ 100 ~ 2 KHz

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