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LIXISE makes high reliability generator controller

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LIXISE makes high reliability generator controller

Reliability is a fighting product fault of emerging discipline, produced in defense high-tech areas, is the most in the bud in the defense industry, development, maturity, and quickly to the United States civil electronic products, communications and information technology in areas such as infiltration.And the reliability of the system engineering technology centered in the United States by Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other advanced capitalist countries are applied, and succeed.According to statistics, reliability of system engineering in the successful application of the capitalist countries, has brought the industrial society estimates of social wealth.

Reliability of scientific definition:

Reliability is a function of time.

Products under the condition of rules and regulations finish function ability.

Reliability have a series of mathematical characteristic quantities:

For example, the reliability of R(tFailure rates lambda (),t), the average life spanMTBFAnd the probability density lifef(t)And so on.

The birth of reliability discipline

When the weapons and equipment, to north Korea from America, delivered weapons system failure.When unpacking inspection of electronic equipment, there are half cannot use.They are not in the war xiao has taken a knock, but leads to failure in transit.

At that time, the army generals fault pushed the manufacturer of the products there, think that the product is unqualified.And the supplier is in the factory inspection products are the military representative acceptance as the reason for the delay.

The military and preproduction bitter quarrel happened, in order to solve the problem, the department of defense established a special research team, to solve the problem of equipment fault.The group name isAGREE------AdvisoryGroup on Reliability of Electronic Equipment.(The us department of defense electronics reliability advisory group)

LIXISE makes high reliabilityGenerator controller


Temperature stability is good

AVR temperature drift is superior to < 0.03% / ℃, Stanford is 0.04% / ℃

governorThe temperature drift of < 0.75% / ℃, the GAC is 1%

Wide working temperature range

Controller working temperature in full compliance with industry standards - 20 ~ 70 ℃, without LCD wider: - 30 ~ 70 ℃

The working temperature of AVR - 40 ~ 70 ℃

Governor without LCD working temperature - 35 ~ 70 ℃

* * * type low temperature controller can work in - 30 ~ 70 ℃

The production process

Using AOI test virtual welding, soldering less phenomenon.To avoid problems after shaking for a long time

Using the NI test automation technology, reduce artificial misjudgment

Using barcode management, reduce the leakage test, at the same time can provide the test report to customers for future reference

All the online controller USES a 510 vac, electricity power 35 v limit condition 4 hours aging, to ensure the reliability of the product

The raw materials

Controller of the terminal USES Taiwan brand: Michael

Adopt imported brand 3 coated PCBA, ensure the moistureproof, dustproof, shockproof

Key electronic components, using imported components, even partial purchase

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