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LIXISE brand ESC5500E generator speed controller system trou

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LIXISE ESC5500E generator speed controller stable performance, simple adjustment and wide application, dongfeng cummins power generation is kind of industrial electronic engine speed control scheme of the preferred configuration, on top of other international brands of industrial engine also has a wide range of applications.Normally installed inside the engine monitor.

ESC5500E generator speed controller established in 5111, on the basis of the new increased the start fuel quantity control and smooth slow start process control, the new features of engine can be solved in the process of starting by the phenomenon of the smoke caused by rapid refueling, greatly improve the working life of the engine.Is now very rich, complete models are widely used in the new generator.

2, judge LIXISE electronic speed control system fault

In pieces before the adjustment of the tool preparation: xiaoping mouth screwdriver, 4 mm Allen wrench, pliers, digital multimeter, 1, or 1.5 square copper telecom 4, 5 meters.

Pieces as shown in the front of the controller has three circular hole.With black plastic cover seal.The hole is used to adjust the adjustable potentiometer.The role of the potentiometer (as shown in the physical in English).Which is used to adjust the engine oil volume, speed, slope, idle speed and adjustable speed, stability and gain the six is lap potentiometer, adjust the Angle is less than 360 ° don't rotate.

In pieces all the adjustable potentiometer to clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to reduce, with little mouth screwdriver adjustment.

Engine speed instability adjustment methods: the gain knob clockwise until the engine speed start is not stable, then slowly counterclockwise rotation to engine speed back to a stable state, in order to state more stable multi-turn 5 -10 °.More stable adjustment knob to the above method.Generally the problem of a gasoline can be ruled out.

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