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LIXISE generator automation control the main stage of develo

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LIXISE generator automation control the main stage of development

As the diesel Generator automatic control The implementation of the operation of the generator set is the more convenient, but at run time, very stable, its efficiency is greatly improved.The widespread use of generating unit, the requirement is various, in order to more convenient operation, diesel generating sets of automation functions are put forward many specific requirement, in order to adapt to market demand,The generatorBegan to automatic control field, so in the whole development process of generating unit, the development of automatic control has the following four stages of development.

1, with the reform and opening, abroad a variety of new devices to appear in front of people, PLC (programmable generator controller) with the advantages of stable performance, convenient and flexible quickly became the main force in the field of automation control, today there is still a enterprise in the application.The advantages of this model compared with the former two are more obvious, but also gradually exposed some defects, such as IC, complex to judge circuit and power supply configuration speed, voltage, etc., such as port extension relay device;Relatively high cost (with AD conversion of PLC frequently tens of thousands of yuan).PLC is very reliable, but it is not designed specifically for our industry, so, with PLC as the core composition of diesel generator set automatic control system is doomed to be a traveler in a hurry, with the rapid development of technology, quickly lost its advantage.

2, is given priority to with time relay and intermediate relay composed of automation control system, this pattern is very common in the industry at the time, but also at a batch to the market, the prominent weakness is simple function, complex structure, poor reliability, maintenance, debugging difficulties, do not win the user's approval.

3, with separation of electronic components delay circuit and logic circuit to realize the automation system, this model relative to the first pattern, had the very big progress, if carefully designed, improve the technological level, should be able to obtain good effect.But, mark the device in the business enterprise of scientific research and production work.In their own way and full of s, each enterprise, cause there is no guarantee that small batch, backward technology, quality, so, also had a shorter duration at this stage.

4, control system function modular thinking, thoroughly solved the problem in the field of generator set control, which is a special controller as the core of the automation system, the special controller for generating set, combines many functions in one, get rid of the complex peripheral circuit, suddenly the automation control system is simple.Most of these special generator controller adopts the advanced microprocessor and control technology, reliability and environment adaptiveness is PLC is greatly increased, at the same time, many parameters can be set according to actual condition, use up is very flexible.At present, we have more than ten years in the fourth stage, the vitality of this pattern, with the development of technology shows more and more strong vitality, function modular can say this kind of control system is the present situation of the diesel generator set automatic control.

Summary: the progress of the society, must promote the progress of technology, the generator industry is also, as a generator control system of the brain core, technology innovation is the key to the generator technology, just create more practical and creative products to occupy the market.LIXISE as intelligent generator controller products manufacturer, has been trying to develop a more intelligent and automatic controller products, let the world each generator has a heart of intelligence.

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