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The advantage of LIXISE generator voltage regulator board (A

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As domestic generators market fierce competition and the development of foreign trade, generating set in domestic demand, in the domestic industry has to stable and mature.The generator industry 80% exports, survival is of good quality, stable sales of factory.The generating set manufacturer follow demand purchasing accessories, might as well consider more stability and reliability of the fittings.Foreign export and after-sales cost is quite high, dongguan cheng automation equipment co., LTD. Was set up8Anniversary, this year a buyout by Singapore joint venture production controller, AVR plate, speed control, as well as engineering projects.

AVR key loop using military grade high stable elements, improve the stability.Multiple independent protection circuit design, protection of generator.As early to do the mostAVRThe factory now has20One r&d technical team, and constantly accept market feedback, actively improve product.8Years we did four points: (1) (2) fast response (3) the voltage stability (4) the magnetoelectric down temperature drift is less than0.05% /℃.

Patent technology design. Low magnetizing voltage, fast response and more stable voltage.Key loop using military grade high stable components, temperature drift less than 0.05% / ℃.Multiple independent protection circuit design, more safe and reliable.
We are committed to: Quality problems to pay a three! 

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