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LIXISE about diesel generator used in building solutions

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Diesel generators are from the main standby power supply into a commonly used spare power supply, is still widely used, in building the application range is very wide also, such as office buildings, high-rise buildings, residential, hotels, restaurants, stores, post offices, schools and other places, lighting, electrical equipment, elevators, etc., usually used as a standby power supply, the main purpose is to make up for the shortage of electricity supply network, or emergency situations.Below LIXISE for everybody to introduce diesel generator used in building solutions.

In the construction of buildings use diesel generator to satisfy the following conditions:

1, work conditions,

Units can work reliably under the following conditions, the output power, and can work continuously for 24 hours in the rated power output (including can overload 10% work for 1 hour every 12 hours).Height is not more than 1000 meters above sea level;Ambient temperature limit of 15 ° C, upper limit is 40 ° C, can choose other environmental units.

2, stable performance and high reliability

The average unit failure intervals not less than 1000 hours;Technical performance, the unit of no-load voltage setting range is 95-105% of the rated voltage.

3, low noise

Low noise, and support all over the world for normal operation of all types of building and facilities.

4, major and necessary protection device

During starting-up mode choice for automatic start mode.Unit must have AMF (automatic) mains failure function, equipped with ATS, realizes automatic starting.< when mains power, starting time delay after 20 seconds (adjustable), can automatically start unit (a total of three continuous automatic start function), all negative switching time mains/unit as < time needed for 20 seconds, fully meet the input load less than 30 seconds, restore after the mains, unit to maintain a scale of 0-300 seconds (adjustable), automatic stop running after cooling.

Summary: in the process of using diesel generating sets, and needs Generator controller To monitor and track the air pressure, oil pressure and oil temperature data change, need stable and reliable quality of the diesel generator controller, Singapore LIXISE engaged in supporting the generator control products research and development production for more than 20 years, has a very rich and reliability good special controller, providing customers with a variety of solutions, to meet the needs of users.A value of collecting customer high praise.

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