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LIXISE generator governor performance metrics

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The performance of the diesel engine generator governor directly affects the stability and reliability of the operation. Generator governor installed in the diesel engine, performance appraisal, deal with the diesel engine the mutation load test, at the same time with the rotational speed automatic recorder to record the engine speed variation curves, used for performance analysis of generator governor. Control process of speed change curve shown in figure 2-87 curve of a diesel engine is obtained when the mutation load test. Diesel machines stable running at the highest speed no max, in a transient process with full load, speed immediately dropped, instantaneous speed dropped to the lowest instantaneous speed nmin. Then the generator speed governor, again, after a period of time Ts and by several convergence movements, stable speed at full load steady speed nb. This adjustment process called transition process control. The test can also from behind a dump full load start, speed suddenly increased to the highest instantaneous speed of nmax, the governor control, speed down again, after TS time, speed and stability at high idling speed nomax.

Figure 2-87 speed adjustment process of speed change curve

Accordingly, the generator speed governor performance evaluation has the following two kinds of work index.

(1) dynamic index

Dynamic index is used to evaluate performance of the transition process control system (stability), see figure 2-87.

1) the instantaneous timing rate δ 1

Unload all load instantaneous adjustable rate δ 1+ =nmax - NB /nb X100% (2 - 16)

The sudden load instantaneous adjustable rate δ 1- =|nmin - nomax /nb | X100% (2 - 17)

Chinese related standard diesel engine δ 1+ δ ≤ 10%; 1- (process plus 50% plus 50% of full load) ≤ 10%.

2) stability time Ts

Stable time -- from a sudden (or sudden) fluctuation range of full load speed just deviates from the maximum no-load speed (or calibration speed fluctuation range) fluctuation range to speed recovery to the calibration speed (fluctuation range or highest no-load speed) until the time required (s). The provisions China relevant norms, alternator TS ≤ 5S.

(2) static index

1) stable rate δ 2

Stable rate when the control handle in the calibration of oil position, maximum no-load speed of nomax and the rated speed nb. The difference between the rated speed nb. The percentage of the ratio, the δ 2=nomax-nb/nbx100% (2 - 18)

Stable rate δ 2 is used to measure the accuracy of the governor, the smaller the value, the accuracy of the governor said. Delta 2 abroad called speed (speed drop). The single diesel engine operation allows the δ 2 = 0, the engine would not vary with changes in external load while maintaining constant speed operation. But diesel engine work in parallel in a few stations, in order to make the machine load distribution is reasonable, the machine must be accounted for: equal and shall not be zero. Requirements for the delta 2 should be based on the use of diesel engine set. The provisions Chinese relevant norms, marine δ 2<10% δ 2<5% host; AC generator.

2) speed fluctuation rate phi. Or the speed change rate of PSI

Variation was used to characterize the diesel in the stable operation speed of the machine, is mainly composed of a diesel engine torque caused by uneven. But the two different definitions. Speed fluctuation rate

With =|ncmax (ncmin) -nm/nm|x100% (2 - 19)

Speed variation ratio

A ncmin/nm ψ =ncmax x100% (2 - 20)

The highest speed of ncmax during the determination, r/min;

Ncmin determination of minimum speed period, r/min;

Nm determination of average speed, during the r/min, NM = (ncmax + ncmin) /2.

In general, in the calibration mode diameter ≤ (0.25 - 0.5)%; psi (0.5 ≤ 1)%.

3) not sensitivity epsilon.

When the diesel engine under a certain load under stable operation, due to the clearance, friction and resistance speed regulating mechanism, if the speed is changed slightly, the governor can not immediately change the fuel supply quantity, until the speed variation is large enough the governor can begin to adjust supply function. This phenomenon is called the governor's insensitivity. Domestic less sensitivity represents insensitive area size.

Let e = n2- n1/ nm x 100% (2 - 21)

Type in. Speed n1 diesel is reduced, the governor begins speed, r/min;

N2 diesel engine speed increases, the governor begins speed, r/min;

The average speed of nm diesel engine, r/min, NM = (n1+n2) /2.

No sensitivity will cause the engine speed is not stable, will lead to serious loss of effect of speed governor, general provisions at rated speed e ≤ 1.5% 2%; while in the lowest stable speed - ≤ 10%-13%.

LIXISE force ksetra-ksetrajnaEG2000 generator governor

Governor product performance and characteristics of EG2000:

The use of 1 broad frequency range

2 15Amp high current output

3 suitable all kinds of steam, diesel and natural gas engines

4 high sensitivity, speed change

5 resin infusion, moisture-proof, seismic, antioxidant, high reliability

6 can be connected with the remote speed controller or remote speed control potentiometer

7 engine idle speed setting function and control terminal for remote use

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