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LXC6110 diesel generator controller automatically remind fun

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Controller as "brain" of the generator, plays a monitoring, tracking, according to various parameters such as control function.So in man-machine interface controller, the use of operation requires more human, intelligent.Force ksetra-ksetrajna intelligent control system of the generator did a lot of research on improvement of humanization and intelligent.Such as:LXC6110 diesel generator controller the automatic remind function.

LXC6110 diesel generator controller is remind set maintenance, to ensure that the power generation equipment is in good state of standby.For example: runningNHours after the oil change machine filter, filter, or to repair a generator accessories, and so on and so forth.With automatic alert function is very important for users, although it is a small function, users but it is easy to use, and greatly improve the working efficiency.There are a lot of controller are not designed this feature.LIXISE In the customer feedback, and his own experience over the years, slowly in the continuous improvement of product design and function, each a product from the small details to change, fully meet customer demand, will LIXISE build first-class brand.

LXC6110 controller automatically remind function interface

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