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The generator control system

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The generator control system

Diesel generator set control system A generating set of the brain, is used to control the generator start-up, stop, important parameters measurement, fault alarm, or outage protection functions, such as the use of the intelligent control system will greatly improve the operation of the diesel generator set guarantee the stability of the diesel generator set work, saves the manpower, improve the work efficiency, etc.LIXISE as advocates of intelligent generator control system, introduce for everybodyThe function of the generator control system, classification and composition.

1, the function:

The unit of automatic or manual start, stop

The importance of diesel engine and generator parameters measurement

"Fault alarm or shutdown protection unit

"Charger or heater and other auxiliary equipment control

2, the classification of the control system:

A, manual control screen

Standard configuration control panel

Equipped with a control module and the corresponding key start up, indicating instrument operation is very simple and intuitive

Have perfect protection function

, high temperature, low oil pressure, speed,

, suddenly outage protection functions such as tight

B, automatic control panel

All, have a manual screen function

Mains detection function

Since the launch of three functions

, may coordinate control ATS, realize the computer room


C, remote intelligent monitoring of generator controller

, have two kinds of manual and automatic way to work

Control, perfect protection function

Provide standard communication interface and open communication protocol

Many kinds of network and the control mode

·LXC6110 controller Built-in six languages such as operation interface in both Chinese and English

Gm's Chinese interface PC monitoring software

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