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Generator power management system solutions

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A, development background

1, due to the power supply strain, often limited electric switch, power line fault, power grid maintenance etc, all can cause the mains power failure.The mobile base stations distributed in city countryside, in order to ensure the communication signal coverage, and using small gasoline (diesel ) generator emergency power, to ensure the normal operation of the base station.In the process of frequent power, seemingly simple power emergency rescue process, it contains a lot of problems to be solved.

2, generators as a provider of emergency standby power, once the power outage, requires generating set up "up to it, for".Especially in the case of blackouts, due to the limited number of generators.Generator of daily maintenance work is very important, do a good job in the daily maintenance of generator can prolong the service life of the generator, but also makes the generator in the normal standby state for a long time.

3, by the power generation is frequent, the need when power on power generation.Generate a lot of the cost of generating electricity, including vehicle cost, artificial cost, fuel cost.In the current management mode, the artificial cheating phenomenon occurs frequently.False generating hours, artificial switch, light power, bring many difficulties to the management of power generation.With rising fuel prices and artificial cost, base station maintenance costs rising sharply.Control power generation costs become a prominent problem in power management.

After 4, base station blackout, if electricity personnel power not in time, will cause the battery discharge to the limit and the base station to base station equipment suit back.Multiple depth of battery discharge will seriously affect the service life of the battery.Especially in the case of blackouts, how to utilize the limited resource of oil machine to ensure emergency scheduling effectively reduced base station take over back.It is particularly important to improve base station interrupt indicators for operators.

Second, the solution

This scheme is applicable to mobile generator generator, stationary generators, small room,Mobile base station generator

1, the regional management

2, dynamic analysis,

3, management operation of generator

4, generator maintenance management

5, generator spare management:

6, super warranty management

7, utilization management

8, power cost management

Three, DTU data collector function characteristic

1, self-starting function:

2, current detection:

3, voltage detection:

4, text messaging and Internet access:

5, storage retransmission function:

6, SMS operation:

7, standby power supply:

8, seismic, waterproof design.

Fourth, system management software platform

System management software using BS access form, through which has the function of the Internet access to remote monitoring system of computers, mobile phones, convenient and unified management.

1, management operation of generator

On the electronic map display all are power generator, all not power generator location. The mouse moves to the oil machine position display station oil related parameters "generator code, power voltage, current, single/three phase, gasoline/diesel, start generating time, stop power generation time and the corresponding position".Can inquire a generator in a certain period of time running track to generate electricity.

2, generator maintenance management

Every 100 hours, when the generator power generation time collector will automatically send the maintenance messages to power on mobile phones.After completion of maintenance, the maintenance personnel will input mobile phone number in advance to send text messages to data collector on the machine number.Automatic identification of system maintenance personnel information and maintenance, the maintenance time and maintenance level.

Power generation time more than 100 hours for no list for maintenance, can usage statistics of generator

3, statistical reports

According to a certain them roughly extension, set off at a particular time period, the system automatically statistics electric fuel, vehicle fee. Labor, can be derived by excel.

Five, the application effect

Some mobile company is located in the mountainous area, traffic condition is relatively backward, power grid reform lags behind the city, base station maintenance is difficult, plus the base station behind the unfavorable factors, such as battery aging DaiWei base station power generation in the whole year of 2010 time 327846 hours, power cost is as high as 6.26 million yuan, in 2011 the operation of the generator power management system for the whole year, annual power generation audit settlement time down to 265537 hours (19% lower than in 2010), the corresponding power expenses dropped to 5.13 million yuan lower than in 2010 (18%), in 2010 the implementation of the 12 large area blackout emergency safeguard oil machine scheduling, effective compression of the base station take over back.

Before use:

Manual statistics, the need to power for the whole human tracking

Power data is not accurate, cheating, the high cost

Generator can't monitor, management confusion

Generator maintenance is not timely, scrap rate is high

Cost calculation is not accurate

After use:

Automated data analysis and statistics

Strengthen the supervision, reduce the cheating behavior, reduce the cost

Use of limited resources, reasonable allocation

Strengthen the daily maintenance, reduce scrap rate

The precise calculation of the cost of electricity.

Six, the conclusion

Through the integrated use of generator power management system, make the generator scheduling management, emergency generator in the daily maintenance management, power cost management more scientific, reduces the maintenance cost of base station, improve the efficiency of the power, to strengthen the management and supervision of the whole process of power generation, but also achieved the purpose of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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