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Diesel generator safety procedures and regulations

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   Diesel generator safety procedures are divided into three areas, one is ready to work before , and second, the boot process , the third is down steps. To be safe in the course of the operation , and improve the life of the generator , the following detailed description of all our diesel generator sets procedures for safe operation specification .


Preparations 1 , before the start

    A, traces of water attached to the unit , traces of oil and iron embroidery and other debris cleaned.

    B, a comprehensive inspection of each device unit again, check the connections are tight and manipulation portions are securely attached properly , the string through the shock absorber ( ie, fastening bolts through the foot cushion and chassis ) of nuts may not overtighten ( ie the nut screwed to the bottom of the foot are new to the position , at which point the two nuts must be tightened to each other , to prevent loosening ) , otherwise it would shock failure.

    C, the storage capacity of the fuel tank to check whether the needs .

    D, check the engine oil pan and fuel pump, the amount of oil in the generator governor adequacy .

    E, the tank ( ie radiator ) filled with cool forever .

    F, check all electrical parts , the contacts should be firmly correct , automatic air switch should be in the " off" position, check whether the battery is working properly , and pay attention to boot the system is generally negative grounding .

    G, uninterrupted period of time to run the unit , you must first use 500V megger generator windings and generator control systems for ground insulation resistance at room temperature should not be less than 2 megohms, if the insulation resistance is less than the above values must be dried .


2 , the boot process

    A, loosen the bleed screw on the fuel pump , remove the air within the fuel system with fuel hand pump , while the control handle to adjust the throttle position is fixed in a suitable starting speed .

    B, press the start button to start the engine , such as 10 seconds ( maximum 15 seconds )

    Engine still does not start the fire , it should be one minute later for a second start , if three consecutive still does not start , you should check and find out the cause of the malfunction .

    C, after the engine starts , you should pay close attention to the oil pressure gauge readings ( during normal operation is 2.5-3.5kg / C ㎡ ) , such as oil pressure gauge does not indicate , should immediately stop check , and check whether the charge meter indicates .

    D, after the unit starts , load speed gradually increased 1000-1200r/min, ( note not a long low speed ) , the diesel engine preheating process , and then speed up to the rated speed . When the water temperature to be reached 55 ℃, oil temperature reaches 45 ℃, was allowed to enter the full- load operation.

    E, when the crew of each instrument instruction properly, you can close the load switch power transmission to the load , with the unit load changes, if the frequency and voltage is not within range , should adjust the frequency and voltage , to keep ratings non- case unit at low speed with load , in order to avoid damage to the equipment.

    F, the crew put into normal operation , you should always observe changes in water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure , and the reading power meter , frequency meter , ammeter , voltmeter , abnormal timely treatment .

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