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Cloud generator set health management methods

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Cloud generator set health management methods

Cloud generators have been built on the Internet of things technology a new type of generator set, it can be on the terminal equipment such as mobile phone or computer to realize remote monitoring and control, fault diagnosis, failure prevention, health examination, early operation data records, and other functions, is a good choice for some unmanned intelligent, automated demand situation, but also both reduce customer maintenance cost, improve the reliability of the unit.Generating set is to use the new cloud controller as the master control system, the main control system of the past is different, can be unlimited network, no geographical boundaries, in any place and under the condition of generator can be connected to the cloud server and a user terminal

Generating set health cloud real-time acquisition field data of each generator set information, automatic data analysis and storage, timely warning fault state, real-time health monitoring for generating set, remote fault diagnosis analysis, analysis of potential failure, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the generating set, provided a scientific and effective guarantee.

The product description


LXI980 is a collection of data collection of communication protocol conversion module, through this module will generator connected to the Internet at the other end of the cloud server, and remote monitoring for generator set of data records and fault alarm.

Compatible with all kinds of controller, let you rest assured to use

Data transmission in line with an open mind, we not only support our own company's controller, also compatible with many brands at home and abroad, such as, deep sea, KaiXun, the think tank, etc., let people have more choices.

Multiple interfaces allow you to experience the limit connections

LIXISE LXI980 series not only has the traditional RS232 interface, but also increased the RS485 interface, USB interface, and the LINK interface.Connection is diversiform, unimpeded experience.

Private custom designed for your service

According to different user groups, different applications, LIXISE launched different signal data collector

LXI980I screen: suitable for fixed installation of generating sets, with broadband network and facilitate the installation of cable occasion;

LXI980W wifi version: suitable for fixed installation of generating sets, broadband network, but not easy to install cables to the situation of the unit

LXI980G2: suitable for portable power vehicles, rental units, field work units, no broadband network, there are 2 g mobile, but no 3 g signal occasions;(note: with GPS)

LXI980G telecom 3 G version: suitable for portable power vehicles, rental units, field work units, no broadband network, places that have requirements of telecom 3 g coverage.(note: with GPS)

If the old units, our data transmitter built a complete unit controller, can realize a comprehensive data acquisition and control unit

A variety of data transmission way, safe and reliable, never dropped

2 g mobile unicom, telecom 3 g, WIFI, Internet cable

So easy as you think

We had a lot of peripherals port and can connect the generator controller and ATS controller, at the same time also can monitor the generator stator temperature, bearing temperature and so on, to achieve a more comprehensive monitoring

The example analysis

Through LIXISE health cloud, diagnoses the fault cause of the failure of the starting unit

When generating set starting failure, need to remote check the various data in the process of starting, to determine the cause of the problem, in the past, this is impossible, because no way to check through back to the starting process, must be experienced technical personnel to the scene using a multimeter, and repeatedly starting measurement to get the data:

★Control the fuel output voltage is normal?

★What is the speed of the boot process?

★Does the battery without electricity in the process of start?

★How much is the oil pressure in the boot process?

★In the process of start generator frequency is how much?

★Programmable input port state in the process of start?

★Programmable input port state in the process of start?

Now you can LIXISE cat black box technique of cloud, collected fault happens every seconds instant data, and pass through the way of chart display as follows, for you to understand the changing process of related parameters:

★ Rotate speed= 275.8 RPM

★The battery voltage = 17.3 V

★Before starting the battery voltage = 25.2 V

★ Electronic governor voltage= = 0 V

★The fuel output = 1 (logic 1 output)

★Starting output = 1 (logic 1 output)

★Oil pressure = 356

★Generator frequency = 0 (starting generator haven't send out electricity)

Can be analyzed from the figure out: during the period of starting, the controller of normal fuel output speed also has 270-290 revolutions, oil pressure and at normal pressure, but why should start failure?Look at the output of the electronic governor, found that 0 v, show that no output voltage to open the fuel, eventually leading to failure starting.

Generator the advantage of the cloud controller

The core technology

Using three different WIFI connection, unlimited Internet presence, unlimited geographic borders, any places and conditions can achieve data transmission.

The first kind of connection mode: in the application environment itself with wi-fi networks, cloud controller directly connected to the WIFI network, WIFI network between generator and cloud servers to establish real-time communication pipeline, real-time remote monitoring and control.

The second mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, but has a mobile phone networks, via mobile phone share the WIFI, also realize real-time remote monitoring, but usually for more for health inspection and remote fault diagnosis

The third kind of mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, no mobile phones network, through the APP to save the cloud controller of 7 kinds of data (can run 24 hours to save half a year) to save to the handset, until the phone to have WIFI or Internet environment, and will save the data to the cloud server, realize the remote fault diagnosis and fault early warning, early health check

First introduced the global cloud controller, in terms of cloud services, research and development strength more than foreign brands

The black box patent technology

Principle: there is a small cache in our controller, designed to cache the latest data from tens of seconds, to monitor when a failure occurs, immediately will cache the data saved to the internal mass storage, at the same time also packaged these data to the cloud server, realize the black box recording function.When we use cell phones or PC terminal access thee data to the server, you can like to play video reproduce all the data before failure for a period of time


The core of this system is that the generator set health monitoring, its principle is: the data transmission and data processing.

In the aspect of data transmission, both cable broadband and wireless 3 g, in view of the industrial controller, the transmission is stable, accurate and safe.For data processing, it is recommended to use the standard configuration software platform, the information collected for centralized storage,

report and control and analysis in a timely manner.

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