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Diesel generator set health cloud

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Diesel generator set health cloud

Diesel generating set is a kind of independent power generation equipment, refers to for fuel such as diesel, diesel engine as the prime generator power machinery.A complete set of unit generally by diesel engines, generators, control box, fuel tank, starting and control the use of battery, protection, emergency cabinet and other parts.Overall can be fixed on the base, positioning is used, can be installed on the trailer, for mobile use.Diesel generating set is a discontinuous running power generation equipment, if run for more than 12 h, the output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%.

Existing generating set controller cannot monitor the performance of unit, unit in there to work, in spite of the final cause serious failure phenomenon.For example: when the unit load changes in speed or voltage response is slow, frequency or voltage fluctuation is large, lead to severely impact load, and even affect the safety in production.And while a cloud server can receive data collected unit and do performance analysis and calculation, but under the existing network speed, especially in 2 g and 3 g network is still cannot achieve a server at the same time do real-time data records for hundreds of sets of generator set, fault diagnosis, performance analysis, the discovery of potential failure, because any network instability, will affect the real-time data transmission, resulting in incomplete data, to analysis the problem.

Generating set healthy cloud platform can online monitoring and control operation of the unit, the three core advantages it can not only real-time monitoring of the unit operation condition, for you can also remote control unit, a remote health diagnosis, remote fault analysis, historical records, timely discovery early fault and remind the user completes the prevention.Let you know where your unit out of the question, can work normally, reduce unnecessary loss for you, save a lot of manpower and cost.

Diagnosis of operation

Check the battery wiring is correct

Check the load line connection is correct

Check the oil and water in a specified level

Check whether the oil is switched on

Check the air switch states (must be in the off position)

Manual boot, stop steps

The diesel engine machine on the box or the unit control panel near switches (keys) to the conversion of the plug in place

Start the diesel engine, check the electrical instrument or controller is normal, if there is a sound units

Diesel engine idle speed running for a period of time after (water temperature close to 40 ℃ or so) ascended to the steady speed (high speed)

Unit check voltage, frequency, whether it is right

Observe the working state of lamp and oil pressure, water temperature is normal, if there is a sound units

Matters needing attention

If the unit without downtime for a long period of time, disconnect the battery into

If the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃, should put all the cooling water or after downtime - add antifreeze in the cooling water

Check the system status in the unit operation is normal, suggested that the parameters in the instrument records every hour

Just stop, do not open the tank cover, otherwise the cooling water can cause burns out

The professional analysis, from the generating set manufacturer to experience, but most users due to non-professional maintenance, for fault occurs, it's often difficult to rule out all failures, depend on the manufacturers of after-sales service team, and for manufacturers, nearby the layout of the after-sales service is also a big problem.

When generating set in over-current protection down, need to be aware of the various data of the fault protection moment, in the past, this is impossible, because failure has happened already downtime, how through? LIXISE black box technology allows you to accurately show every second:

From the chart of 17 points, we can see:

★ Power line voltage= 393.4VAC

★The excitation voltage= 34.4VDC 

★Load currentL1 = 183.7A

★Load currentL1 = 182.1A

★Load currentL1 = 170.2A

★Load power= 122.2KW

From the chart can be analyzed out: after increasing load, the load current started to rise, the power of 122.2 KW, and the power rating of the unit is 100 KW, more than 22.2 KW, and duration of 9 seconds, thus cause the over-current protection action of the controller.In addition, can see from the curve is not caused by short circuit protection, and so can suggest the customer should pay attention to in the future, do not overload use.

Diagnosis of maintenance

Daily maintenance

Check the diesel generator work daily

Check diesel generator: oil plane, cooling fluid plane

Daily inspection diesel generator is damaged, leakage, whether belt slack or wear

Weekly maintenance

repeated A grade diesel generator to check daily

Check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter cartridge

Let out the water in the fuel tank and fuel filter or sediment

Check the water filter

Check the starting batteries

Starting diesel generator and check the presence of influence

With air and water washing cooler before and after the heat sink

Cases are described according to the experience in the use of the manufacturer is summarized, and diesel generator health cloud platform daily operation data from field of each generator real-time information, automatic data analysis and storage, timely warning fault state, real-time health monitoring for generating set, remote fault diagnosis analysis, analysis of potential failure, failure of early prevention, early diagnosis.To provide users with a simple, convenient and efficient service.

Diagnostic value

Centralized monitoring user usage, improve work efficiency

Cloud service system users can use diesel generator by PC, mobile phone APP anytime and anywhere, or other mobile terminals, mobile phone text messages, such as multi-channel to monitor oil machine, the operation is convenient, quick, efficiency improved by more than 85% at least.LIXISE wireless data terminal 5 minutes to checking scan 1000 generator, greatly enhances the working efficiency of the generator's management, save the scene to see the cost;

Save maintenance and management costs

Unit when a failure occurs, providing detailed information on fault momentarily unit, recreate the fault scenarios, provide scientific basis for generator maintenance.Can be targeted to bring tools or materials, reducing maintenance field the number of times back and forth, save maintenance cost.For some simple fault, can guide the user to quickly solve or temporary solution is given.

Expert health diagnosis technology, found potential fault of the unit in advance, to remind the user completes the maintenance work, reduce the probability of failure of the equipment operation, prolong the service life of the unit at the same time

Automatic statistic, easy management

The operation of the automatic statistical user use data to remind the user to do maintenance

Automatically record each generation time, fuel consumption.Automatically record oil, can be automatically derived data reports

Real-time monitor user usage, in a timely manner to prevent improper operation, reduce the unit loss

The unit overload

Real-time monitor unit load, when the unit load, overload information and push information to monitor at the same time, in order to alert the user to use.

Continue to be improper use after warning appears on the unit

When the monitoring to the unit in high temperature or low oil pressure, and other warning information, timely remind users, do a good job related to correct.

Automatic maintenance reminder and training regularly, prolong the service life

According to the unit operation time, fuel consumption, automatic alert maintenance personnel maintenance, prolong the service life and security unit in good standby condition.

Safe and reliable

Controller to set different permissions management, avoid the wrong operation, damage to the unit or casualties

Anytime, anywhere monitoring unit of the oil pressure, casing temperature, fuel, electrical parameters, and so on and so forth.When the pressure, casing temperature through gao will automatically alarm, generator to prevent spontaneous combustion in advance, cause the accidents such as fire, reduce the risk of the existence of the accident.

Can solve customer malicious default rental fees

Once a major contradiction with the customer or malicious default cost, system can remotely start-stop generating set, locking unit, reduce the loss.

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