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Generator set controller

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Generator set controller

Generating set controller can be broadly divided into simple protection type (i.e. only provides start-up, shut-down and high temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed protection, do not provide power, according to the control panel is needed to install water thermometer, the oil pressure gauge, hour meter, battery voltmeter, ac voltmeter, ac current meter and other instrument), standard (provide power display, protection function, without communication interface), high-grade model (in addition to providing standard function, but also can provide communication interface, for remote control, remote sensing, remote communication function, some also have a network interface, can be monitored through the Internet, and some have text function, is suitable for remote areas of unattended engine room).

What is the generator set

Experienced automation control relay control, PLC (programmable logic controller) control and intelligent control three stages, from the late 20th century (after 1995) began to gradually controlled by microcomputer and electronic components of intelligent controller, will be very complex peripheral circuit integrated into one module, greatly simplifies the control circuit, reliability has been improved, now the controller designed tend to be more intelligent, more human, there are also some generator manufacturers in the production of small gasoline engine all-in-one, practical and convenient.

How to choose and buy generator set

Enterprise when diesel generating sets of choose and buy, should pay attention to what issues?Diesel generating set is widely used in telecommunications, financial department, hospital, school, business and other departments, industrial and mining enterprises and other special purposes of independent power supply.Enterprises in the choose and buy diesel generator set have their own standards.

Diesel generator set performance and quality of choose and buy must conform to the requirements of the relevant standards

Communication diesel generating sets of choose and buy, must achieve GB2820 G4-1997 grade G3 or the requirements of the class, and at the same time, the communication network access of diesel generating sets of quality certification testing out detailed rules for the implementation of "regulations of 24 performance requirements, at the same time to pass the Chinese industry established by the competent department of communication power supply equipment quality supervision and inspection center strict inspection

Military communication diesel generating sets of choose and buy, must meet the related standard GB2820-1997, GJB and forces of the relevant departments of the communication power supply equipment quality inspection standards, and to pass strict inspection on the quality of organization department of equipment.

Diesel generator set of choose and buy should consider the main factors

Diesel generating sets of choose and buy should consider the factors mainly include mechanical and electrical properties, the purpose of the unit, load capacity and the change of scope, automation, etc.

The purpose of the diesel generator set.Due to the diesel generator set can be used on three kinds of commonly used, standby and emergency situations.Therefore different USES is different to the requirement of diesel generator set.

Diesel generator set load capacity.Should choose according to different purposes of load capacity and load range, determine the diesel generating set of machine capacity and standby diesel generator set capacity

Diesel generator set use environmental conditions (mainly refers to the altitude and climate conditions)

The choice of diesel generator set

Diesel generator set of choose and buy must pay attention to the generator and excitation mode

The choice of diesel generating sets of automation function

Note: diesel generator controller is control part of the generator, control the normal operation of the generator set.Therefore, the quality of the controller will have direct impact on generating set.And to choose the right controller to choose the right is the premise of generating set, understand some basic parameters of generator set

Protection measures

Diesel generator set to the necessary lightning protection.Especially directly connected to the overhead distribution lines of diesel generating set must be lightning protection, should be designed according to the national standard norms, according to the different conditions of generator insulation different lightning protection measures

Stand-alone capacity of 300 ~ 1500 kw rection motor, with nine protection wiring for over-voltage protection.Stand-alone capacity of 300 kw and under high pressure rection motor, according to the specific conditions and operating experience, using 10 (a) the protection of the wiring, or (b) 10, only at line door installed a set of lightning arrester and capacitor, and installed on the pole near the hushai grounding protection gap or insulator feet.Individual with nine important motor wiring.

Protect the high pressure rotary motor using lightning arrester, generally USES magnetic blow arrester, lightning arrester should be installed near the generator.In general, lightning arrester can be installed in the electrical outlet;Such as pick in each set of generator is not more than two on the bus, or stand-alone capacity of less than 500 kw, and with the distance of the surge arrester is not more than 50 m, lightning arrester can also be installed in each group on the bus

When rection motor neutral point can lead to, and not directly grounded magnetic blow or ordinary valve should be installed on the neutral type arrester.Lightning arrester highest rated voltage should not be lower than the generator run phase voltage, the line voltage is 6.3 kV power generators should choose FCD - type FZ - 4 of 4 type or 4 kV surge arrester;10. 5 kv power generators should choose FCD - 6 type or Fz - 6 of 6 kv surge arrester.

maintenance facility support

Reduce the user cost

Don't have to ask professional personage to inspect the unit service per month, checkup directly by computer, you can check at any time, and professional degrees higher than the average technical personnel, is a typical Internet application, the development trend of future equipment.

When the unit fails, through professional remote fault diagnosis and analysis of the cause of the problem, avoid is undesirable businessman excessive maintenance or incorrect maintenance unit

The early failure prevention

Cloud generator can prevent the happening of the fault, the principle of which is through the cloud server built-in various fault model, timely find fault early phenomenon, send out alarm, let users can timely deal with the failure to prevent generating set.

Failure reappearance technology

Perfect replay every second moment before failure data to realize the remote fault diagnosis, rapid problem solving, patent fault capture and replay technology scene.

Switching device

Diesel generating sets of automatic switch device is as follows: the first step, the diesel generating set control in automatic open concern (AUTO), and cooperate with the power automatic transfer switch (ATS) control switch should be used in the automatic position, when mains stops, a. t. S will start signal generator control system, generator will start automatically.

The second step, when the diesel generator set control open concern to STOP (STOP), or remain in the automatic, but the utility has returned to ATS that sent the signal, the parking diesel generator set will STOP automatically.Note: the running of the diesel generator set, due to the fault (speed, high temperature, low oil pressure, etc.) and automatic stop, must after troubleshooting should be the fault reset button press can be ready to start again

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