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Diesel generator set

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Diesel generator set

Diesel generating set is suitable for mains power grid can't to the communication board stand, mine, forest, pastoral areas and national defense engineering, etc, to the independent power supply, power and illumination of the main power supply.For the utility area, and the power supply reliability requirement is high, does not allow power outages and requirements to news fast to restore power in the course of a few seconds, the unit, such as communication, bank, hotel, airport and other important departments, can be used as emergency standby power, once the mains power failure can quickly provide the stability of the ac power.

To the main requirement of the diesel generator set is, at any time can start automatically generating, reliable operation, to ensure that the power supply voltage and frequency, to meet the requirements of the mechanical and electrical equipment.

Traditional market is mainly refers to Europe and North America region, Europe and the United States is the world's largest diesel generator set market.Market main impetus from the vigorous development of the IT technology, telecommunications, and part of the European Union aid money.

Diesel generator set in emerging markets including the Middle East and Africa, southeast Asia and Oceania, South America, etc.Requirements in the Middle East and Africa, mainly from infrastructure construction, oil exploration industry and the power supply the power facilities not perfect;The region has enormous economic potential.

Generator structure and working principle

Generators are usually made of stator and rotor, end cover and bearing components.

By the stator core, stator line winding, stand and fixed the parts of other structures.

Rotor by the rotor core (or a magnetic pole, the conjugate) winding, retaining rings, central ring, slip ring, fan and shaft parts

By bearing and end cover of generator stator and rotor connected together, can make the rotor spinning in the stator, do the exercise cutting lines, thus induced potential, through terminal lead, in the circuit, the electric current is produced.

Protection device

Oil generator differential protection device is composed of high integration, no chip microcontroller bus, high current, high voltage transformer insulation strength of exit intermediate relay, highly reliable switching power supply module and other parts.

The differential protection device

Variety complete, the differential protection device, special varieties complete, can satisfy all kinds of all sorts of all sorts of equipment protection requirement of the sub-station, that gives up sub-station design and computer networking provides a great convenience

Hardware using the latest chips to improve the technical sophistication, using 80 c196kb CPU, measurement for 14 A/D conversion, analog input circuit as many as 24 road, collect the data using signal processing chip of DSP processing, using the fast Fourier transform, get the fundamental wave to 8 times harmonic, special software automatic correction, ensure the high precision of measurement.Using dual port RAM and CPU transform data, constitute a multiple CPU system, communication by CAN bus.Has high communication rate (up to 100 MHZ, generally run in 80 or 60 MHZ) strong anti-interference ability, etc.By keyboard and LCD display unit can be convenient for field observation and various protection methods and protection setting of parameters.

Hardware design in the power supply, analog input, switch input and output, and the communication interface of isolation and the special anti-interference measures, such as strong anti-jamming capability, in addition to the focus group screen, can be installed directly on the switch cabinet

Software function is rich, there is a small cache in our controller, designed to cache the latest data from tens of seconds, to monitor when a failure occurs, immediately will cache the data saved to the internal mass storage, at the same time also packaged these data to the cloud server, realize the black box recording function.When we use cell phones or PC terminal access these data to the server, you can like to play video reproduce all the data before failure for a period of time.

CAN choose RS232 and CAN communication mode, support for multiple remote transmission protocols, convenient and a variety of computer management system connected to the Internet.

With wide temperate background screen LCD (240 * 128 LCD) graphic display, easy to operate, display and beautiful.

Generator model

Try different unit type diesel generator using occasions

Standard units

Standard units are widely used in the common places installed in the computer room.Unit is mainly composed of diesel engines, generators, control system, frame, shock absorbing device, cooling system, fuel supply system, and the output protection switch, etc. Parts.

Protected units

Protected unit applied in no special requirements for noise outdoor place.Mainly by the standard units, shield shell, and exhaust system, etc.Due to shield shell is not set noise reduction device, as long as can meet ventilation and the rain and snow conditions, so the appearance is smaller, the cost is low.Open a window ventilated unit run time.Can a single protected plants, also can use many sets of parallel, many sets of parallel use especially suitable for large load change, continuous operation requires high reliability and low cost economic use occasions, such as supporting oil field drilling rig, etc.

The figure of unit

Figure units are widely used in the prevention of outdoor or indoor have special requirements of environment protection, need protection, noise reduction, mainly composed of standard units, sound proof cover, into the exhaust noise reduction device and exhaust noise reduction device, etc, its are main the feature is sound proof cover set sound insulation and sound absorption layer, into the exhaust channel for noise reduction processing, exhaust by the combination of industrial and residential muffler, reduce the high frequency and low frequency noise respectively.Standard anti noise figure unit is in commonly 78-85 db (A), super anti noise figure unit is in commonly 70-78 db (A).Against now the unit is in the standard super figure unit on the basis of noise emission take more strict control measures, such as the labyrinth into the design of the exhaust channel.

Super figure unit general appearance size is larger, the manufacturing cost and prevent unit figure is much higher than the standard.Prevent figurations and super crew figure unit usually outside sound proof cover operation, maintenance and repair.

The outdoor power station

Low noise square power station and container commonly used in the outdoor use place, have special requirements of environmental protection can be directly placed in the outdoor use, save construction machine room, has a strong maneuverability and put into use at the same time cycle short, etc.Low noise rushing the noise of the power station and container is in commonly 75-85 db (A), can be carried out within the square cabinet cars and machine operation, maintenance and repair.

Trailer power station

Trailer power station is divided into two LunTuo CARDS and four LunTuo hang, below 70 kw unit with two LunTuo card, 70 kw, 500 kw generator with four LunTuo hang.Trailer power station is composed of standard and the figure of trailer units, have now all of the unit performance and advantages, and flexibility of power supply suitable for field operations.Trailer set a steering mechanism, traffic warning lights and brakes, equipped with mechanical leg, damping and the buffer device, etc.Traction device can adjust the height, comply with the requirement of road traffic safety.Trailer power station can be installed cable and power cable, in order to realize the fast power supply.Above the city roads and secondary roads, two LunTuo card dragged up to 30 km/h speed, four LunTuo hang dragged speed can be up to 50 km/h

Vehicle-mounted mobile power station

On-board power stations are widely used in communication, broadcasting, highways, emergency rescue, power supply and the military for fast, high maneuverability and reliability requirements of the power supply emergency situations.Main unit will be installed in car car, and can be equipped with electric cable winch, multiplexed output socket and machinery (or hydraulic) leg, also can easily realize the car mobile power station in parallel.General noise vehicle-mounted mobile power station in 70-80 db (A).

The unit conservation methods

Protect the best oil supply Angle to the most commonly used type 195 diesel engine as an example, the best Angle of fuel delivery advance Angle of 16-20 degrees.When the diesel engine to use after a period of time, as a result of wear and tear, fuel delivery advance Angle decreases, causing fuel delivery time is too late, to a huge increase in fuel consumption.Reason should ensure best Angle of oil supply Angle.

Guarantee the machine not leak diesel oil pipeline is often due to the joint surface uneven, gasket deformation or damage to the loophole.Processing method is: put the gasket with the valve paint on the glass plate smooth, adjustable hose connector;Add diesel oil recycling equipment, available plastic pipe will choke on the back of tubing and hollow screw connection, make the oil back into the tank.

Oil purification by former fault more than half of diesel engine from the fuel supply system.Processing method is: buy back of 2-4 days to use diesel on precipitation, precipitation 98% impurities;Such as buy now with now, two layers of silk can be put in the tank of oil filter or toilet paper.

Change the "big horse-drawn car" practice "big machines with small pump" frequently used shaft.In fact, a kind of waste.Improvement measures: appropriate increase diesel engine pulley, under the condition of the diesel engine running speed down the speed of the pump, increase the capacity and head, achieve energy saving purpose.

Adjust the injection pressure of 195 type diesel engine injector fuel injector injection pressure of 120 + 5 kg/cm2.When the injection pressure is less than 100 kg/cm2, fuel consumption increase 10-20 g/KWH, can be directly use comparison method to check and adjust the pressure on the fuel injection pump.

Maintenance of the unit

Diesel generating set is limited to the following maintenance methods:

For four leakage phenomenon, the surface of the unit, start, battery, oil and fuel such as check;

Clean room environment improvement and replacement of a/on a regular basis

Every month for no-load, every six months and maintenance load of commissioning, etc;

Using real-time observation electric power monitoring quality parameters

The existing maintenance means limitations:

Maintenance of existing load test is only to the back-end existing load testing of electrical equipment, there is a certain risk, and low power

Or to replace a/after overhaul has no scientific basis;

Or after major repair, replace a/there is no specific load to load commissioning, do not know whether can achieve expected purpose;

No-load commissioning and small power load to produce large amounts of carbon

Diesel generator is a kind of independent power generation equipment, mainly to provide emergency power supply during blackout.In fact, the unit is in standby state, most of the time actually less chance to be put into use, give priority to with commissioning more at ordinary times, the lack of a perfect means of detection and maintenance.But the emergency standby power is indispensable.How to do the generator in use less usual circumstances, the emergency power supply timely, safe and reliable operation, can immediately following the end of power outage.

First, the battery pack.Due to the standby power supply is not often put into use, the generator whether can normal boot, the key lies in the maintenance of the battery.The problems such as the battery pack, more common situation is that there are voltage and current, then start the motor could be heard inside the solenoid valve and voice, but with fixed axis.Battery problems lead to can't stop for three reasons: 1. During commissioning with the method of stop for the battery, can lead to inadequate battery.

Adopt mechanical oil pump by the belt transmission, under the rated speed of oil pump is very big, but battery power is insufficient, lead to stop the shut off valve spring leaf due to electromagnetic valve in the suction is not and cannot be shut out of the four oil hole jet fuel, can't stop.

Domestic battery life for two years, usually without change on a regular basis.

Second, start the solenoid valve.Generator at run time, the people come to the conclusion that "a see, two, three, four smell" a set of inspection methods.Start listening to, is a very important step.Original cummins generators in the United States, for example, just press the start button, after three seconds, you can start.Three seconds in the two "clicking" sound can be heard.Once you hear the second ring, start check electromagnetic valve is working correctly, if the electromagnetic coil burn out, generator cannot start, of course.

Third, diesel oil, lubricating oil.For a long period of static unit, the unit itself is with the oil of various materials, cooling water, diesel oil, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, which will be "bad" unit.Oil should be paid attention to this problem.For fire safety are usually put diesel fuel tank in a closed room, because of the atmosphere water vapor condensation occur because of the change of temperature, forming water attached to the tank wall, into the diesel, the diesel fuel moisture content exceeds bid, the diesel oil into diesel engine high pressure oil pump, will rust precision coupling --, plunger, serious damage to the unit.Generator of lubricating oil is a shelf life, long time storage, physical and chemical properties of lubricating oil change, cause the unit work lubrication condition deteriorates, easy to cause damage of generator parts.

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